Human rights organizations call on Egypt’s government to end internet censorship and website blocking

Also available in Arabic here.

The undersigning human rights organizations denounce the Egyptian authorities’ blocking of at least 600 websites since May 2017 including media, political and human rights platforms. Blocking websites is a violation of people’ rights for access to information and freedom of expression.

The Egyptian authorities have been using the equipment of the United States’ company Sandvine to assist in blocking these websites. Sandvine has a recorded history of facilitating human rights violations related to the production and selling of internet surveillance and censorship devices.

The undersigning organizations emphasize that the vaguely legislation passed in Egypt to legalize website blocking, especially the Press and Media Regulation law, and the Cybercrime law, both passed in 2018, are unconstitutional, run in contradiction to the international treaties human rights signed by the Egyptian government, and should be annulled.

The Egyptian authorities began by blocking 21 media websites on 24 May

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