In Florida, Spanish-language misinformation embraces misleading Election Day claims

MIAMI — As Joe Biden inches closer to winning in Pennsylvania and Georgia, Spanish-language disinformation is intensifying among Florida Latinos claiming fraud and rigged elections.

A well-known former candidate for state office in Florida posted an impassioned video in Spanish on Facebook boosting the baseless claim that the election is being stolen from President Donald Trump. The video has since been reposted to Twitter, where it’s been viewed more than 116,000 times over the past two days.

“You have the historical authority to destroy the communists that are in the department of elections,” the man said, adding that it’s time to take to the streets to defend Trump.

The new wave of false claims comes after Democrats raised alarms in the run-up to the election about Spanish-language misinformation that had circulated among Latino voters in Florida. And while researchers said Election Day passed without evidence of major English-language misinformation campaigns

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Alzheimer Society embraces virtual programming while Perfect Match campaign doubles donations

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“We know that keeping your mind active is very healthy for your brain,” said Hughes. “So we did brain games … we had yoga, mindfulness. And very quickly we started running our online support groups.

“All of our support groups have been replicated virtually at this point,” she said. “It’s support that people need to keep going.”

As lockdown requirements become less stringent, the ASPKLNH will begin offering face-to-face programs again. But staff also want to maintain their virtual programs in order to reach as many clients as possible — especially over winter.

To achieve this, community members are being asked to give generously during the Society’s fundraising campaign.

The Perfect Match Campaign ensures all donations up to $500,000 will be matched by the Catherine Booth and Michael Kirk Social Recreation Fund, in honour of Michael’s father Michael Booth.

All funds raised locally will be used for

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