Linux Foundation: We’ll host Mozilla’s Rust programming language-based Servo web engine

The latest open-source project to be hosted on the Linux Foundation is Servo, the experimental web engine developed at cash-strapped Mozilla.

Servo was hatched in 2012 at Firefox-maker Mozilla, which recently made significant headcount reductions that mostly affected developers working on Servo.      

Servo is written in the programming language Rust, giving it advantages in memory safety, speed and parallelism over other browser engines. 

It has the potential to be an alternative to Google’s Blink engine for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, or WebKit, the open-source engine behind Apple’s Safari browser. 

Servo offers components that other projects can use to bring web content to other applications with support for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebSockets, WebVR, and WebGL. Mozilla used it for part of its overhauled Quantum Firefox browser. 

Futurewei, Let’s Encrypt, Mozilla, Samsung, and Three.js are among the organizations that are supporting Servo’s move to be hosted by the Linux Foundation.

“The Linux

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Cabana Digital’s Blog Is A Recommended Resource To Become Better At Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Press Release

Rio de Janeiro, BR – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an important part of business and brand building in recent times. Many people now wish to rank their businesses on search engines better as this increases the chances of visibility, draws traffic, and improves revenue generation. To become better at SEO, Cabana Digital is proud to launch its online platform that is focused on teaching the necessary tips and best practices.

Cabana Digital focuses on taking visitors through the step by step process of setting up an online business on the internet with a higher chance of success. The online platform takes existing and prospective business owners through the essential factors and practices that should be paid attention to as part of the Search Engine Optimization process.

Visitors on the Cabana Digital blog will gain access to training resources like backlinking and its essence in building a solid SEO

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Apple ramps up efforts to build own search engine to rival Google, says report

Apple and Google logos

Apple and Google

Apple is ramping up efforts to develop its own search engine, according to a Financial Times report published Wednesday, as US antitrust authorities threaten a lucrative deal that sets Google’s search engine as the default option on iPhones and Samsung phones. 

The iPhone’s latest operating system version, iOS 14, has started to show its own search results and link directly to websites when users type in search queries directly from the home screen, according to industry sources cited in the report.

This move adds to mounting evidence, according to the report, that Apple is working to build a rival to Google search, including Apple’s poaching of John Giannandrea, Google’s head of search, more than two years ago.

Earlier this month, the US Justice Department filed a long-expected antitrust

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Apple Is Reportedly Creating Its Own Search Engine Amid Google’s Antitrust Woes


Apple is intensifying long-standing efforts to beat Google at its own game by building its own rival search engine technology, the Financial Times report, as U.S. antitrust regulators hone in on the search engine giant for allegedly abusing its dominant market position and deals with other big players like Apple.

Key Facts

In the latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 14, Apple bolstered its own search capabilities with little fanfare, the Financial Times reports.

The change went largely unnoticed, and included displaying its own search results and linking to websites directly — rather than through another engine — when users typed queries from their home screens.

While the iPhone’s default search engine — Google, who pay $8-12 billion a year for the privilege in a deal U.S. antitrust regulators are investigating —  remains unchanged, the

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Apple Building Search Engine To Take On Google, Report Claims

Google’s dominance of the search engine landscape could be under threat with reports that Apple is ramping up its own search engine.

The Financial Times reports that Apple is planning to attack Google, just as the company faces intense scrutiny from antitrust authorities, who are also threatening to curb the search leader’s grip on the industry.

The FT notes that Apple has quietly beefed up its own search offering in iOS 14, but the default search engine continues to be Google – something for which the search giant pays Apple between $8-$12 billion per year, according to a recent report in The New York Times.

That is just one of the factors being considered by antitrust authorities, who are concerned that such deals create “continuous and self-reinforcing monopolies in multiple markets”.

Ready to strike?

There are increasing signs that Apple is

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Deep tech VC fund The Engine raises $230M for its second fund from MIT and new backer Harvard

Deep tech. Hard tech. Or, as The Engine dubs it, Tough Tech.

Venture investing today is essentially identical to what happens on Wall Street, focused on data rooms, spreadsheets, SaaS churn models and cohort analysis. Yet, the history of venture capital firms is heavily interwoven with universities and their research. Some of the most famous VC funds like Kleiner Perkins got their start funding compelling research projects out of laboratories and financing their commercialization toward scale.

Technical risk is something many VCs like to avoid, but The Engine has built an entire brand and thesis around it. Centered around Kendall Square and the broader MIT ecosystem, The Engine debuted a couple of years ago with a focus on “tough tech” problems that are perhaps a touch too early for other VCs. That’s led to investments in companies like Boston Metal, which builds environmentally-friendly steel alloys, WoHo, which is rethinking modular

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Early iPhone 12 Teardown Features Smaller Taptic Engine, Magnet Ring and L-Shaped Logic Board

The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are set to be delivered to customers this Friday, but there are already a few out in the wild. Leaker DuanRui this morning shared a video featuring a short teardown of the new ‌iPhone 12‌, giving us a quick look at the internals.

In the video, the ‌iPhone 12‌ is taken apart component by component, with comparisons to corresponding iPhone 11 parts provided. The new ‌iPhone 12‌ has an L-shaped logic board, which we initially saw in a leak in May. The ‌iPhone 12‌ logic board isn’t identical to the leaked logic board, so that leaked version is likely from another one of the ‌iPhone 12‌ models.

The logic board is longer than the logic board that was used in the ‌iPhone 11‌, and it has the aforementioned L design rather than just

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Analysis: Google antitrust case to turn on how search engine grew dominant

By Paresh Dave and Jonathan Stempel

OAKLAND, Calif./NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. government’s antitrust case against Alphabet Inc’s <GOOGL.O> Google appears strong, but could face an uphill battle from a business-friendly judiciary that may question whether a free search engine beloved by consumers has actually left them worse off, several legal experts said.

Google was accused in the long-anticipated lawsuit filed on Tuesday of harming competition in internet search and search advertising through distribution agreements and other restrictions that put its search tool front and center whenever consumers browsed the web.

To win, the U.S. Department of Justice must prove that Google gained or maintained monopoly power through abusive conduct, or something beyond competition on the merits.

Several legal experts said Google’s alleged misconduct appears similar to allegations the government leveled in the 1990s against Microsoft Corp <MSFT.O>. That landmark case was settled in 2002, and a consent decree

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What Is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

Whenever I mention SEO, people always ask, what is SEO? SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your landing page or website for Google’s search engine. Google search engine uses an algorithm to look for a couple of different things in order to list a website in the results when a person types in a specific set of keywords. Keywords are what internet user’s type in to Google’s search engine when they are looking for a product or service. For example, if a user was looking for the best SEO Company in Phoenix, Arizona, they would type in “best SEO company in phoenix AZ” into the search engine and would be presented with the results that Google feels would satisfy the needs of the searcher. SEO is simply optimizing a business person’s website to be the best possible result for a certain set … Read More

How to Use Search Engine Marketing Services to Increase Your Website’s Ranking

Did you know that link popularity plays a huge part in the ranking of websites by search engines? That means the more links you have point to your website, the higher your website will rank in the results. Now the question becomes how do get you high ranking websites to link to your website?

Webmasters can’t afford to mess around so they must obtain these high-ranking links very quickly. This is especially true of part-time webmasters; every minute is valuable. For that reason, you need to employ three techniques that can help you in your Internet marketing business and provide you with excellent link exchanges with other websites.

Three Internet Marketing Techniques To Help Website Owners Obtain Traffic

Technique 1 – Write An Article

If you want your website ranked by the search engines, you’ll need to write an article about the product/service you provide. By writing your article, your … Read More