How to become a freelance software engineer and make 6 figures

  • The pandemic motivated many people to take on freelancing as their only, or extra, source of income.
  • Freelance software engineers who earn six figures annually spoke with Business Insider about paving a lucrative path in short-term work. 
  • They said finding work is easier through word-of-mouth marketing and previous employers, and it’s important to “show rather than tell” with a portfolio that keeps track of your past projects.
  • When setting rates for a freelance project, they recommended starting with your desired income and dividing that by how many hours you’d ideally like to work. 
  • Don’t stay siloed in one area of expertise, and remember that you’re the expert, so you should treat your client like a collaborator, not your boss. 
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COVID-19 served as the catalyst for a huge surge in freelancing, as millions found themselves unemployed and looking for alternative ways to earn an

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Northern California county to pay $10 million after shooting, paralyzing Silicon Valley software engineer

By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ | The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO  — A Northern California county has agreed to pay nearly $10 million to settle a lawsuit by a Silicon Valley software engineer who was having a mental health crisis when a deputy shot him, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Placer County agreed to pay Samuel Kolb, 50, and his family $9.9 million to settle a lawsuit the family filed after a deputy shot him twice on Jan. 14, 2018, inside a North Lake Tahoe rental cabin where Kolb and his teenage son were vacationing, Kolb said.

“There’s a measure of relief in not having to go through this and not having to put my family through any more legal challenges. But I would trade all the money plus interest to have my old life back, to not have gone through this and put my family through this, to have

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River Oaks software engineer wins patent recognition awards from Society of Women Engineers

Nelia Mazula wasn’t proud of her patents at first — she didn’t understand the significance that they held.

Now, Mazula hangs her patents on her wall, proud of her accomplishments as an African American woman in the STEM field.

On Memorial area senior living community celebrates Veteran’s Day with memorial wall

Mazula, who lives in River Oaks, is a Houston-based innovator, engineer and digital transformation strategist. This year, the Society of Women Engineers, the world’s largest advocate for women in engineering and technology, announced Mazula would be the recipient of five Patent Recognition Awards for her software patents that focused on augmented reality, big data visualization and artificial intelligence.

“I am honored to represent Houston and receive this award,” said Mazula. “I hope to serve as an example of how an African American woman is positively contributing to the wholesale digital transformation of an established industry like oil and

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A 24-year-old engineer created a website that tells you if your McDonald’s has a working ice-cream machine

Irene Jiang / Business Insider

© Irene Jiang / Business Insider
Irene Jiang / Business Insider

  • ‘McBroken’ aims to fix a common problem for McDonald’s customers: arriving to find the ice-cream machine is broken.
  • The website works in real time to tell users if an ice cream machine is up and running or not.
  • McDonalds seems to be on board with the site, with the fast-food giant’s VP tweeting, “Only a true @McDonalds fan would go to these lengths to help customers get our delicious ice cream.”
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There are many things that are synonymous with McDonald’s, but a broken ice-cream machine is often near the top of the list. 

Seeking a solution, a software engineer set out to save customers from disappointment in their pursuit of a cold treat from the fast-food chain.

McBroken, a website created by 24-year-old Rashiq Zahid, according to The Verge, aims to

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Get $2,500 worth of software engineer training now for just $39

Software engineers are in demand right now. If you enjoy working with computers, then it could very well be the career of a lifetime. Want to get a head start on your training without incurring any risk? Then The Super Software Engineer Bundle, just $39, may be ideal.

It’s one thing to have an interest in a new career. It’s quite another to drop thousands of dollars on the training ― only to find out after a few months that it’s really not your cup of tea. And it’s precisely for this reason that The Super Software Engineer Bundle is a game-changer. It lets you explore your aptitude for a high paying technical career without asking you to spend a lot of time and money in preparation.

With this package, you’ll get a beginner’s introduction to some pretty modern coding languages like Java and Python. And you’ll learn how to

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8 Pros and Cons of Software Engineer Contract Work You May Not Be Aware Of

From September 2008 to March 2010, contract work increased 2% and part time jobs increased 16%, while temporary, permanent and full-time positions decreased significantly (-19%, -36%, -4% respectively). Read on to discover why software engineer contract work may prove to be a safer, smarter career move for you.

Software engineer contract work offers many benefits over permanent positions, although it has its downfalls. Here are some characteristics of contract work which may help determine whether or not it is a good fit for you:

Contract work pros:

Money – usually the pay will be better than permanent positions since there is less overhead incurred by the employer.

Flexibility – since you are paid on an hourly rate, you are not obliged to go over your set weekly hours. In many cases you are on your own time. Also, taking contract positions allows you to work on several different projects with … Read More