Blake Lively’s Bare-Feet Instagram Pic Has the Entire Internet Puzzled

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds posted an Instagram about voting on Thursday, October 22. But it’s not their message that has the internet talking; it’s Lively’s choice of footwear—or should I say lack thereof. 

“It was Ryan’s first time [voting],” Lively captioned the below Instagram, trolling her hubby like she always does. “He was understandably scared. It all happened so fast. Like, REALLY fast. He wept. I pretended to weep. Then he called all his friend. #voteearly.” 

In the pic Lively is wearing a gray plaid coat, pink pants, and what appears to be a pair of high heels. But they’re not actual shoes. Nope! It appears Lively used her iPhone to literally draw a pair of shoes on her bare feet. The reason for this is unknown. 

But Reynolds’s Instagram, which includes Lively’s bare feet sans drawn-on shoes, proves it:

Lively is seemingly in on her own joke. Is

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Bible from A-Z: Software rewrites entire King James version alphabetically

Let’s start with the letter A. 

Sideline Collective

The Bible, one of the most influential books ever published, evokes powerful emotions. It’s shaped personal, communal and political beliefs and altered the course of literature and human history. Little about how it’s been interpreted can be called objective. 

So what happens when it’s handed over to software and reduced to raw, quantifiable data? 

A new project called Bible The rewrites the entire King James Bible alphabetically as part of a larger project reorganizing seminal books from A to Z to potentially offer new and hidden interpretations of the written word.

“This distills each text down to its lowest common denominator,” says Sideline Collective, the international team of designers, writers and programmers behind the project. “It highlights the importance people tend to place on the order of said words — and their meaning — and allows for new and interesting interpretations of

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