Computing Education: Theory and Research in Programming Language Learning with Eric Poitras (Research Seminar) – Faculty of Computer Science

A large and growing body of literature has investigated issues related to the development, implementation, and evaluation of computing programs, curricula, and other elements of teaching and pedagogy over the past 5 decades. A constant theme throughout this history has been to better understand how students learn to code in introductory programming courses. Failure to identify, structure, and sequence the many skills involved in programming is a significant barrier to student success and retention. This presentation will cover the brief history of computing education research, theoretical advances in conceptualizing introductory programming skills, and current trends in instructional design and development to address misconceptions and other difficulties faced by students. The intent is to initiate a conversation about the needs and challenges in translation of research into practice and how to get involved in the ACM SIGCSE community.

Eric Poitras is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Computer Science at

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