Construction Estimating Software – Myth or Reality?

In the world of construction estimating software, many people think of construction estimating as being an automated tool that performs and calculates the quantities of material takeoff. Obviously, there are many software programs out there that help in that process. The truth of the matter is, the majority of estimating time is consumed in material takeoff. In any one estimate, an estimator spends approximately 90% of his or her time performing manual material quantity takeoff. While pricing of any estimate is important, still the majority of an estimators time spent is in the material takeoff phase.

Reinventing the wheel, manually re-running the same formulas job after job. That manual process is the major time-consuming problem along with accuracy problems in the bid process. It’s so time-consuming, and why many companies have decided to avoid material quantity takeoff and substitute it with a turnkey number or quote or bid from a … Read More

Review of Takeoff Software for Estimating Construction

So often people want to rush out and buy estimating software or takeoff software without first trying to define their internal estimating processes. Once the estimating process is clearly defined, then and only then, can you actually try to compartmentalize the process into segments. So often the segment is really quantity takeoff. Takeoff of what you may wonder? That is like the million dollar question. This article will speak about the takeoff software process which usually associated with estimating software processes. The takeoff software process can often be takeoff of materials for some folks, and to many others, the takeoff process of scoped systems to create estimates or proposals. This review or comparison will not try to explain the estimating software process but bring to you valid quantity takeoff thinking among estimators in a quest to find which product thinks the way you do. These are the opinions of the … Read More