Track vs. computer models: Where’s Eta headed?

ORLANDO, Fla. – Tropical Storm Eta has wreaked havoc in South Florida with flooding rains and gusty winds.

In Central Florida, Brevard County, which is under a tropical storm warning, closed schools Monday as outer bands could lash the area with drenching rains.

Everyone wants to know where Eta is headed in the coming days, but the official track and the latest computer models differ on the storm’s path.

As of Monday morning, the official track from the National Hurricane Center shows Eta becoming a Category 1 hurricane as it moves southwest from the Florida Keys. The track then shows Eta heading north and making landfall near the Big Bend of Florida. The cone, however, covers a region from South Florida to the Panhandle.

Several computer models, though, now suggest that Eta will travel west, deeper into the Gulf of Mexico, and away from Florida.

News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges

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