Yerevan Biennial Hosts an Art Exhibition on the Dark Web

A work by Vladan Joler included in ‘Time out of Joint.’

Time, as a concept, has been the butt of countless jokes throughout the pandemic. Depending on how you’re personally measuring time lately, we might be in the 31st week of March, the eighth month of October, or 1522 days into 2020 with perhaps 1349 days left until the New Year. 

The Yerevan Biennial, established in 2019 and based out of the capital of Armenia, has keyed into this altered state and made it something of the theme for its inaugural presentations collectively titled “The Time Complex”––available online because, of course, 2020. One of those exhibits, “Time Out of Joint,” brings viewers to the infamous Dark Web for a series of mind-bending artworks.

“We are a brand new cultural institution, so everything had to be invented from scratch,” says Lorenzo Fusi, Artistic Director and Chief

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