Ezra Klein leaves Vox, the website he founded, for New York Times, in a digital media A-list exodus

Klein, 36, left The Post in 2014 to start Vox with two colleagues, Melissa Bell and Matthew Yglesias. The site — which publishes analytical reported articles explaining everything from Boeing’s issues with its 737 Max jet to Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian connections — is part of a constellation of specialized news-and-commentary sites owned by Vox Media, including SB Nation (sports), Curbed (real estate) and Eater (food). Vox is based in Washington and New York.

Despite multimillion-dollar investments from Wall Street firms and traditional media companies, many of the top names in digital media have struggled to realize the profits once imagined from the epochal transition from traditional print and broadcast media to the online kind. This has led to layoffs, waning of capital investment and a broad industry retrenchment.

Fierce competition for advertising and subscriber dollars, high overhead and more recently the pandemic have made it difficult to reap large returns.

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