What Stood Out in Earnings Calls from Roku, Expedia, PayPal and Others

Week 3 of earnings season brought with it some telling disclosures about online travel and video ad spend, 5G chip sales and e-commerce and payments activity, among other things.

Here’s a recap of some notable things that were shared over the last few days by reporting tech companies.

Roku and The Trade Desk

The 32% annual YouTube ad sales growth that Alphabet  (GOOG) reported on Oct. 29 already signaled that online video ad spend was (like many other kinds of online ad spend) on the upswing as brand ad budgets loosen up.

But Roku (ROKU) and The Trade Desk’s (TTD) results and commentary arguably did more than just that: They suggested there’s a major inflection in online video ad spend as dollars are grabbed from traditional TV ad budgets amid major TV ratings declines and accelerated cord-cutting.

Roku, which rose 12.6% post-earnings on Friday, reported that its monetized video ad

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Expedia Group revenue falls 58% despite bright spots in ‘bumpy and unpredictable’ travel market

Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern. (Expedia Group Photo)

You know things have been rough for a company when quarterly revenue plummets 58% from the prior year, taking the business from a $409 million profit to a loss of $221 million, and the trend is seen as relatively good news.

Those are some of the key trends in Expedia Group’s financial report for the September quarter, released Wednesday afternoon. The results reflect what CEO Peter Kern called “basically a stabilization” of the global travel market, which has been decimated by COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Shares of Expedia Group are up more than 5% in after-hours trading.

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“We obviously can’t control what’s going on out there in the travel market or in the scientific community,” Kern said on a conference call with analysts

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Expedia Group CEO on Google antitrust case: ‘Very pleased to see the government finally taking action’

Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern speaks from his home during a session at the virtual GeekWire Summit on Tuesday.

Expedia Group CEO Peter Kern says he hopes the U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust complaint against Google ultimately changes the search giant’s behavior, and creates a fair marketplace for the online travel company and others that both compete with Google and rely on its dominant search engine for traffic and customers.

“I’m very pleased to see the government finally taking some action,” Kern said at the GeekWire Summit on Tuesday, marking the company’s first public statement on the case since it was filed Tuesday morning. “Hopefully, it will create a fair marketplace for us, which is all we want. We have no axe to grind against Google, except that we don’t think the marketplace is equitable.”

Expedia Group, based in Seattle, includes major travel brands such as vrbo, Orbitz, Hotwire, Trivago, Hotels.com,

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