The best Wi-Fi extenders for boosting your internet range

Home is where the heart is … and where the Wi-Fi automatically connects to your devices.

In the era of working from home, the most important office supply is a steady stream of reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Dropping an important business call or not being able to direct message instantly with co-workers can halt productivity, and bosses are most likely sick of hearing spotty, robot-sounding voices as a result of shoddy bandwidth. Moreover, for those of us who live with other work-from-homers or Zoom home-schoolers, sharing the precious Wi-Fi during work and school hours can be rife with even more issues.

A lot of WFH experts have figured out a good trick to avoid those problems. Instead of parking yourself as close as possible to your main router, they have found Wi-Fi extenders to be a great solution. In layman’s terms, this device takes your existing Wi-Fi router, picks up that

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