NYC Learning to Work: Critical student programming facing $10M in cuts

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — It has been a challenge for New York City public school students to adapt to a new way of learning amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) — but the obstacles brought on by the pandemic are even larger for those who may have dropped out of high school or fallen behind in credits to graduate.

And now programs that provide a lifeline to some of these students are facing $10 million in cuts — or 25% in cuts to their overall budget this year.

The Learning to Work initiative supports several programs across the city that address the education achievement gap by financing paid internships for students, as well as partnering with community-based organizations to offer support services, in-depth job readiness, and college and career exploration activities.

It supports and finances several programs that impact students citywide and on Staten Island, including Young Adult Borough Centers (YABCs) and

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Apple Facing Power Chip Shortages for the iPhone 12 Pro

Illustration for article titled The iPhone 12 Pro Is More Popular Than Expected and Causing Chip Shortages

Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo

If you’re thinking of buying an iPhone 12 Pro, you might have to wait a bit longer than expected to receive it. It appears that Apple is currently facing a shortage of power management chips that are vital to supporting new camera features and 5G, Bloomberg reports.

This isn’t super surprising. The global pandemic wreaked havoc on supply chains earlier this year, and it seems this particular shortage stems from increased demand for silicon amid those issues. The iPhone 12 lineup was itself delayed by about a month due to production issues related to supply chain disruptions. Adding to that, 5G smartphones purportedly require 30-40% more “chip content” compared to 4G, according to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) and as reported by Bloomberg. And then compounding that, some tech companies like Huawei have been stockpiling components to prepare for potential shortages…thereby creating

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Morgan Stanley’s 6 key questions facing the tech sector

  • Morgan Stanley published a note on Thursday listing the 6 key questions about the tech industry and what it thinks about each issue.
  • The firm expects US e-commerce growth to significantly decelerate next year, but remains upbeat about the digital ad space.
  • It also says any meaningful change in the regulatory front will not take place in the near term.
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The tech sector has produced some of the best performing stocks during COVID-19, with megacap tech companies leading the way.

But plenty of uncertainties remain as the pandemic is still a major concern for the broader market. 

In light of this, Morgan Stanley published a note on Thursday listing the six key questions about the tech industry as we head into 2021, and what the firm thinks about each issue. The questions cover everything from changes in the e-commerce industry to its thoughts

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