‘There was no question of bad faith here’

The warrant used to seize the computer of killer Patrick Quirke was lawfully obtained, a prosecution lawyer has insisted at the Court of Appeal.

One of Quirke’s 52 grounds of appeal against his murder conviction is that the District Court judge who issued the warrant was “kept in the dark” about the intention of gardaí to search for computers.

Incriminating Google searches were found to have made on the computer relating to the decomposition of human remains.

This evidence formed a key part of the largely circumstantial case which led to Quirke’s conviction for the murder of love rival Bobby Ryan.

On the fourth and final day of the appeal, prosecution counsel David Humphries argued against this ground of appeal.

He said that while gardaí should have told the judge they would be looking for computers, this omission should not invalidate the warrant.

Referring to case law, he said a

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