Fancy An Electric, 3/4 Scale Bugatti For Parent And Child Alike? Meet The Little Car Company

On the surface, the story of 1988 Le Mans winner Andy Wallace testing a new Bugatti, for whom he works as official test driver, doesn’t sound at all unusual.

On hearing that the Bugatti in question is electric, you might wonder what new battery-powered hypercar the company is working on, perhaps in relation to the rumors of it joining Rimac. But then you’re told of the circa-£30,000 ($40,000) starting price and quickly run out of ideas.

The key here is the size of said Bugatti. At 75 percent, this newly-built, officially-sanctioned Type 35 replica is built by The Little Car Company, a British firm setting out to give children and their parents alike the ultimate automotive plaything.

Hand-built at The Little Car Company’s new facility at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire, England, the miniature replica is a reimagining of

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Fancy Bear imposters are on a hacking extortion spree

Travelex didn’t pay the ransom this time and instead weathered a DDoS attack the hackers launched as a sort of warning shot and then a second barrage. “Whoever’s behind this probably thought that Travelex must be a soft target based on what happened at the beginning of the year,” says Greg Otto, a researcher at Intel471. “But why would you hit a company that has probably gone through the effort to shore up their security? I understand the logic, but also I just think there are holes in that logic.” Travelex did not return a request from WIRED for comment about the August extortion attempt.

Extortion DDoS attacks have never been especially profitable for scammers, because they don’t have the visceral urgency of something like ransomware, when the target is already hobbled and may be desperate to restore access. And though this has always been a weakness of the strategy,

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Breast Cancer: Fancy Gadget and Half A Million Ringgit Failed to Cure Her – What Now?

May (not real name) is a 39-year-old-female. In mid-2008 she delivered her child. Two months before delivery, she noticed the hardening of her left breast. Ultrasonography did not show anything wrong. The doctor suggested it could be due to the breast being engorged with her milk. Although she breast fed her baby the breast remained hard. There was no problem with her right breast. She went to consult order doctors and all of them came to the same conclusion – no problem!

Utrasonograhy of her breasts on 1 December 2008 indicated diffused inflammatory process. The left nipple was retracted. Conclusion: probably diffuse mastitis. A biopsy is advisable. Subsequent needle biopsy done did not show any malignancy. Not satisfied, a tru-cut biopsy was done on 29 January 2009. The result showed atypical proliferation of cells suggestive of an intra ductal carcinoma. An open biopsy of the breast lump confirmed invasive ductal … Read More