ESPN’s computer model views Miami as a big favorite over Duke

After two weeks off that featured three games postponed, the No. 10 Miami Hurricanes will be playing this week. The ACC announced on Sunday night that Miami will play the Duke Blue Devils in Durham, North Carolina on December 5th at 8 p.m. with the game being televised on the ACC Network. 

The advanced metrics view the Hurricanes as a significant favorite over the Blue Devils. The ESPN Football Power Index views UM as entering the game with an 84.6 percent win probability. 

Duke (2-7 1-7)  ranks as the 87th overall team in the country, according to the FPI rankings. Only Florida State and Syracuse rank lower amongst ACC teams. 

The Blue Devils are coming off a 56-33 loss at Georgia Tech this weekend. The last ACC win for Duke was an October 10th 38-24 win over Syracuse. 

All of Duke’s

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Our 6 Favorite Hacks and Gadgets to Make Your Road Trip Run More Smoothly

According to AAA, roughly 95 percent of all holiday travel will be done in the car this year. With so much uncertainty still surrounding coronavirus, many experts suggest that, if you’re insistent on visiting family and friends this season, the safest way to do so is with your own vehicle.

Of course, just because you’ll be hopping on the interstate to get to your aunt’s house for Christmas dinner doesn’t mean you’ll have to do so begrudgingly. On the contrary, with so many companies striving to make your drive smoother than ever, you may be a little reluctant to get out of the car once you get to your final destination. From tech toys to ways to hack your comfort, these little accessories go a long way towards making your road trip experience more enjoyable.

We chose the following six items for their comfort, convenience and general coolness. All

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Tech gifts 2020: The best electronics and gadgets for your favorite techie

Get high-tech this Christmas and Hanukkah with the latest and greatest electronics and gadgets for staying connected — and zoning out. Here are our picks for the top tech gifts for the 2020 holiday season.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset​
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset​

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset

These new headphones provide fully immersive sound while gaming, with top-notch noise canceling and all-day comfort. Remove the gaming module and they’re stylish headphones for music. $330 at

IQAir Atem Personal Air Purifier
IQAir Atem Personal Air Purifier

IQAir Atem Personal Air Purifier

Designed to clean your personal breathing zone, this small, ultra-sleek air purifier can be placed on your desk at work or home, in a car on smoky days or anywhere you need some fresh air. $399 at iqair.com3.

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The latest, third-generation release has more power for faster streaming in full HD. It also adds a

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The Verge’s 10 favorite gadgets that cost less than $50

While most of us wouldn’t say no to a $6,000 Apple Mac Pro or an $1,100 electric bike, sometimes it’s just as much fun to be gifted a low-cost gadget that is just fun or useful. It may not let you edit your latest video or take you to the store, but it will help your computing be easier, keep your tech clean, cook a healthy meal, or just make you smile.

a bunch of items that are sitting on a table

© Provided by The Verge

We asked some of the staff at The Verge to tell us about stuff that they liked that cost less than $50. We’ve divided their responses into two categories: tech gadgets and household items. Take a look.

Tech Gadgets

a computer sitting on top of a table: 8BitDo M30

© Photo: 8BitDo
8BitDo M30

8BitDo makes a lot of wireless gamepads. There are wireless NES pads, wireless Super Nintendo pads, even a wireless TurboGrafx pad. They come in Bluetooth varieties — great for

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8kun, QAnon’s Favorite Website, Lost Its Host but Found a New Russian One

QAnon—an unhinged conspiracy theory falsely accusing President Donald Trump’s foes of Satanic pedophilia and cannibalism—has become so enmeshed in the GOP that at least one Q-loving Republican is expected to win a congressional seat this year.

But in more level-headed industries, the theory is so toxic that few U.S. companies want anything to do with it. That includes an Oregon-based web services company that severed ties with the main QAnon-associated website on Sunday night, temporarily taking the site offline.

8kun, a seedy forum previously known as 8chan, is the current ground zero for QAnon. The site is home to Q, a person or group of people who claim to be a high-level government insider dropping hints about an impending pro-Trump revolution. (The site is also home to white supremacists, including some who have used it to publicize mass-shootings.) The site’s reputation made it anathema to web services companies, with internet

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A Three-Branch GOP Press Against the Internet’s Favorite Law

Hi all, it’s Eric. It was a frantic week in the conservative assault against one of the tech industry’s most prized legal shields. 

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas started things off soberly when he wrote that courts had interpreted Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act in a way that gave technology platforms much broader legal protections than required by law. Section 230 indemnifies tech platforms from lawsuits holding them responsible for things their users say. Thomas argued that the protections insulate platforms from the consequences of their own decisions, and that paring back the immunity would “give plaintiffs a chance to raise their claims.” 

For months, President Donald Trump and other high-profile Republicans have held out the possibility of repealing Section 230 as a way to reel in Silicon Valley, which they charge is hostile to right-wing views. This week they got the chance to turn up the

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Why Python Has Become an Industry Favorite Among Programmers

With the world stepping towards a new age of technology development, it isn’t hard to imagine a future that will be full of screens. And if so be the case then, demand for people with strong programming skills will definitely rise with more number of people required to develop and support the applications. Python Training is always a good idea for those wishes to be a part of this constantly developing industry. Python language is not only easy to grasp, but emphasizes less on syntax which is why a few mistakes here and there doesn’t give as much trouble as some other languages does.

What Makes Python a Preferred Choice Among Programmers?

Python happens to be an easy programming language which offers its support to various application types starting from education to scientific computing to web development. Tech giants like Google along with Instagram have also made use of Python … Read More