Here’s how feasible it is for American tech workers to move to Europe

  • With all the difficulties of 2020 including a divisive election, tech founders and employees may be understandably nervous about issues like immigration, tax policy, and America’s political climate.
  • Some may be thinking about looking elsewhere to work and live such as Europe.
  • Most European countries are eager to attract top talent from across the world, an immigration lawyer tells us, but the pandemic makes moving there more complicated.
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In the shadow of a contentious election and a raging pandemic, there’s a lot of unknowns over what the next four years in the US will look like. It’s not clear what will happen on issues like the future of immigration for skilled workers, changes in tax policy, and America’s divisive political culture.

Some tech workers may be imagining a life elsewhere for a while like Europe — a region that’s looking to challenge Silicon

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