Columbia County adds translation feature to website

HUDSON — After months of insistence from the immigrant advocacy group Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, Columbia County has added a translation function to its website.

“The general issue for our community is that they don’t have equal access to services not only because of immigration status, but specifically because of language access,” said Bryan MacCormack, executive director of CCSM.

A Times Union analysis of Capital Region counties found the only other counties with translation functions on their websites are Albany and Schenectady. The function allows for website content to be translated into more than 100 languages, powered by Google Translate.

MacCormack said that with the implementation of the new Green Light law, which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver licenses, the chasm between those with and without access to information and communication in the county had become more pronounced. For example, many Department of Motor Vehicle services shifted online —

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Google Pay Kills Its Website Peer-To-Peer Payments Feature

A lot of tweaks and enhancements have been added to Google Pay in the recent few weeks. Cut to now, Google Pay on the web is killing off the peer-to-peer payments functionality.

This is a major tweak for users who send and receive money in the U.S. via the Google Pay website. Notably, Google Pay web users are told that starting in early 2021, they won’t be able to use to send and receive money from other people.

FYI, Google Pay received a major revamp last week. The new app for Android and iOS is completely re-written on Flutter. It now sports the new logo as well.

The Google Pay NFC payment option is now placed behind a button. You can access it from the top right of the screen. This is an unnecessary burial of an easy-to-access payment option.

Users will be able to view all of their

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Apple Software Chief Craig Federighi Defends App Tracking Transparency Feature

Following Apple’s confirmation that it still plans to introduce a new App Tracking Transparency feature that will let users know when companies want to track them across apps and websites, which has attracted criticism from companies such as Facebook, Craig Federighi has explained more about the rationale behind the change to The Independent.

craig federighi wwdc 2018

The App Tracking Transparency feature allows users to opt-out of data collection and choose whether advertisers can track their activity. While it was originally supposed to arrive with iOS 14 earlier this year, Apple postponed the feature until early 2021 to give developers more time to accommodate it.

Federighi told The Independent that the new feature can be put down to Apple’s support for privacy as a “core value” that has been present “since the beginning of the company,” citing how Steve Jobs highlighted the Apple II’s ability to allow users to secure their own information

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Facebook link preview feature used as a proxy in website-scraping scheme


Image: Facebook

Multiple data-scraping groups have abused the Facebook link preview feature to scrape data from internet sites disguised as Facebook’s content crawler.

The technique consisted of using Facebook developer accounts to place calls to Facebook or Facebook Messenger API servers, requesting a link preview for pages a group wanted to scrape.

Facebook would fetch the data, assemble it in a link preview, and return it to the data scrappers as an API response, ready to be ingested into the scrapper’s database.

The technique was successful because most website operators allow Facebook servers to crawl their sites, knowing the data Facebook collects from their pages is usually used for legitimate purposes, as part of link previews on the social network, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

Multiple groups abused the technique

But in a report published last week by DataDome, a security firm that provides bot detection capabilities for online sites,

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Apple Reveals How Your Next iPhone Could Include 1 Game-Changing Feature

iPhone 12 was lacking a very important feature, but Apple has just revealed how next year’s iPhone could include the game-changing functionality you’ve been waiting for. 

In many ways the iPhone 12 was a disappointment—for me at least—because it did not include the one feature we really need in today’s coronavirus-addled world. In fact, the lack of Touch ID on Apple’s latest iPhone is a deal breaker for some, since Face ID does not work while you are wearing a mask.

But now, Apple has revealed how Touch ID might return to next year’s iPhone models, in a patent filed this week. Instead of bringing back a physical Home button—the current means of Touch ID on

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WhatsApp Gets Approval to Launch Payments Feature in India | Technology News

CHENNAI (Reuters) – WhatsApp has received approval to roll out its payments service in India starting with 20 million users, the country’s flagship payments processor said on Thursday, giving the Facebook-owned app an entry into a crowded digital payments space.

WhatsApp, which has over 400 million users in India, its biggest market, will compete with Alphabet Inc’s Google Pay, Softbank- and Alibaba-backed Paytm and Walmart’s PhonePe.

The Menlo Park, California-based firm had for long been trying to comply with Indian regulations, including data storage norms that require all payments-related data to be stored locally.

“WhatsApp can expand its Unified Payments Interface (UPI) user base in a graded manner starting with a maximum registered user base of 20 million,” the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) said in a statement.

Set up in 2008, the NPCI is a not-for-profit company which counts over 50 banks as its shareholders, including the State

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iPhone 12 Might Have Hidden Reverse Charging Feature, FCC Filing Suggests


  • Apple recently released the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro
  • The devices can be charged via the new Magsafe charger
  • An FCC filing suggests that the new iPhones will also use MagSafe to charge accessories

Apple’s new iPhone 12 models could have an inactive wireless charging feature for accessories, an FCC filing has suggested.

Apple recently released the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which come with new and improved specs and features and offer a new wireless charging method in the form of the MagSafe charger. But they seemed to lack one interesting capability that has been present in some rival smartphones for a while: reverse wireless charging.

However, an FCC filing, spotted by VentureBeat’s Jeremy Horwitz, revealed that the 2020 iPhone models – the iPhone 12 series – “also support WPT charging function at 360KHz to charge accessories.”

The filing, a screenshot of which

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iPhone 12 supports iOS updates over 5G, but users might need to manually activate feature

An Apple support document published this week notes iPhone 12 series handsets support 5G downloads of iOS updates, though some users might need to manually enable the feature.

Apple outlined the capabilities of iPhone 12 series 5G data modes in a support document published Tuesday. Along with all-5G, all-LTE and a so-called “Smart Data Mode,” which automatically toggles cellular connectivity between 5G and LTE depending on network speeds, iOS provides three data throughput settings for iPhone 12 devices: Allow More Data on 5G, Standard, and Low Data Mode.

Users benefit from high-quality FaceTime calls, high-definition video and audio, and iOS updates over cellular with Allow More Data. In addition, third-party apps are unleashed to use more cellular data for “enhanced experiences.” This setting is automatically selected as iPhone’s default with certain unlimited-data plans on a carrier-by-barrier basis.

Apple states that the Standard data mode, which enables automatic updates

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Instagram expands ‘Badges’ tipping feature for livestreams: details

  • Instagram is ramping up its test of a feature that lets people tip influencers during livestreams on the app, which it thinks will be especially popular among emerging creators.
  • In its current iteration, more than 50,000 creators will be able to earn money through streaming on Instagram Live using Badges, which are tips paid for by followers.
  • The Instagram influencer Ronne Brown, who has had access to Badges for a few weeks, earned over $1,000 in her first week using the feature.
  • Business Insider spoke with Justin Osofsky, Instagram’s chief operating officer, about the company’s plans for tipping and its broader ambitions within creator monetization.
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Instagram is ramping up its test of a feature that lets people tip influencers during livestreams on the app, which it thinks will be especially popular among creators without huge followings.

The tipping feature is centered on

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Facebook is testing a Nextdoor-like ‘Neighborhoods’ feature in Canada

Facebook is testing a feature called Neighborhoods that would allow users to join community-based groups, much as you can with Nextdoor. Screenshots spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra show the product being used in Calgary (also using the Canadian spelling “neighbourhoods”), giving users the opportunity to enter a profile including their address.

a sign in the dark: The sun rises behind the entrance sign to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park before the company's IPO launch, May 18, 2012. Facebook Inc, will begin trading on the Nasdaq market on Friday, with it's initial public offering at $38 per share, valuing the world's largest social network at more than $100 billion.  REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach  (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS)

The sun rises behind the entrance sign to Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park before the company’s IPO launch, May 18, 2012. Facebook Inc, will begin trading on the Nasdaq market on Friday, with it’s initial public offering at $38 per share, valuing the world’s largest social network at more than $100 billion. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach (UNITED STATES – Tags: BUSINESS)

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