The Technology 202: Trump’s Twitter feed is covered in warning labels

The company labeled a tweet from Trump declaring victory in several states where results had not yet been finalized, as well as in Michigan, where news outlets had already projected a victory for Biden. The company also quickly slapped warning boxes over several of the president’s tweets making baseless claims of election fraud, as Trump’s campaign mounted a blitz of legal challenges over the election process. Twitter prevented retweets or likes of those tweets, warning they “might be misleading about the election.” 

Meanwhile many of the same claims also appeared on Facebook, which also applied labels at the bottom of the posts in most instances to provide greater context about the U.S. election process. However, Facebook didn’t prevent people from liking or sharing the posts, which meant they could still spread across its much larger service. 

Trump isn’t the only conservative repeatedly breaking the tech companies’  rules.

Other prominent

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iPhones Feed a Gadgets Frenzy During India’s Busiest Gift Season

(Bloomberg Businessweek) — Brands including Apple and Huawei are releasing almost a hundred smartphone models ahead of India’s Diwali shopping bonanza, an unprecedented rollout for companies looking to capture a bigger chunk of the world’s second-largest mobile market.


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More than a dozen foreign and local smartphone makers will vie for attention around the Hindu Festival of Lights on Nov. 14, which ushers in an annual gifting spree that can make an American Christmas seem subdued. South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. introduced twice its usual number of devices, while Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple Inc. showcased its smaller and more affordable iPhone 12 mini. Even Shenzhen-based Huawei Technologies Inc. pulled out the stops with three new designs, despite renewed Indian-Chinese military tensions over their contested border. (The dispute led Indian traders to call for a boycott of Chinese goods.) The lineup also includes phones custom-designed for the Indian market, geared toward

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