Mississippi police could access security camera feeds if residents opt in

The pilot is limited to up to five city-owned cameras and five private devices. Police will only access feeds when a crime has been reported in the area, Lumumba said. The crime center could then use nearby cameras to look for things like escape routes, getaway vehicles and potential suspects running away from a scene.

Two companies are providing police equipment to monitor feeds. One of them, FUSUS, has a cloud-based platform through which crime centers can obtain surveillance video. “FUSUS allows us to connect into cameras,” Lumumba said. “If someone says, ‘I want my Ring door camera to be used,’ we’ll be able to use it.”

“This is not a Ring program and Ring is not working with any of the companies or the city in connection with this program,” a Ring spokesperson told Engadget in a statement. Engadget has contacted other home security camera manufacturers and the Jackson

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Are RSS Feeds Needed for My Website?

One of the solid ways to keep your audience updated on the Web is through RSS syndication. Having an RSS feed feature on your site will surely keep your audience updated on a regular basis.

RSS: A Short Background

RSS means Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It is a format that distributes Web content around the Internet. Once a set of content is put into RSS and sent to other websites or groups, it is called a feed. RSS feeds are able to attract the interest of prominent search engines and potentially, engage with a wider set of audiences.

It is a fact that every blog and most social media sites use RSS feeds to distribute their content on the World Wide Web. Adding an RSS feed to your site will increase your visibility and keep your online presence.

How can RSS syndication help my website?

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