Thousands of Californians Are Leaving the San Francisco Bay Area During the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Data From Relocation Website

ATHENS, Ga., Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —, a moving company booking website, released new data showing 6,291 residents of the San Francisco Bay Area relocated from California between March 11-September 23, 2020. 

moveBuddha’s user data also reflects top moving destinations for Bay Area residents, where Austin, Seattle, New York City, and Portland, Oregon dominated the Top 15 cities. Top-ranking state destinations for the Bay Area include Texas, New York, and Florida, although 20.7% of residents also relocated to nearby states such as Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada. 

Ryan Carrigan, moveBuddha’s co-founder and CEO, believes the large number and rate of outbound residents suggest a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many Bay Area residents now work remotely. 

“49.8% of Bay residents live in counties where the median annual salary is nearly 2-3 times above the national average,”

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Chase Center in San Francisco Hires Sheena Way to Run Content & Programming

The Golden State Warriors and Chase Center have selected Sheena Way to serve as vp content and programming at the San Francisco arena. Way will report directly to Chase Center General Manager Kim Stone.

Way served most recently as vp live entertainment for the Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG), owners of the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers, in Edmonton, Canada. There, Way oversaw scheduling for Rogers Place, the Downtown Community Arena, ICE District and all premium rental spaces. She also managed the grand opening of Rogers Place, was successful in booking a variety of musical, political and cultural events for the arena and was instrumental in bringing the first-ever Ultimate Fighting Championship event to Edmonton.

“Sheena brings a wide breadth of experience in the live events industry along with a deep relationship with influential agents, managers and promoters,” says Stone. “Having shown the ability to bring world-class tours to Edmonton

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Uber will reopen San Francisco office amid COVID-19, but with far fewer people


Uber’s starting to open its offices.

Angela Lang/CNET

Uber will reopen its San Francisco headquarters to staff for the first time since March, in response to some employees who said they’d like the option to work away from home.

In an email to employees Wednesday, the company said that starting Nov. 12, it will begin allowing employees to use the office as long as the city allows, though it’s capping capacity at around 10%, or about 250 employees. The company told employees they can work from home until at least July 2021.

“The biggest message is safety first,” said Michael Huaco, Uber’s vice president of workplace, overseeing the company’s real estate. “

Uber’s reopening offers a window into how large tech companies are navigating the coronavirus pandemic that’s 

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Waymo pulls self-driving cars from San Francisco over election unrest

  • Waymo is pulling its self-driving cars from the streets of San Francisco in case election unrest ensues this week.
  • “Out of an abundance of caution and with the safety of our team in mind, we are temporarily suspending driving operations in San Francisco on 11/3 and 11/4,” a Waymo spokesperson told Business Insider in an email.
  • Waymo and other autonomous vehicle companies regularly use the streets of San Francisco as a testing ground for their units.
  • The company is one of many to take precautions around Election Day — retailers across the nation are boarding their storefronts in anticipation of election-related unrest.
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Waymo is pulling its self-driving cars from the streets of San Francisco Tuesday and Wednesday in case unrest ensues in the wake of the 2020 presidential election.

Waymo, which is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is moving its fleet of

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Reddit employees will keep their coveted San Francisco salaries if they move to more affordable cities, bucking the trend of pay cuts for workers leaving Silicon Valley

a man wearing a suit and tie: Reddit Inc. co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman speaks during a hearing with the House Communications and Technology and House Commerce Subcommittees on Capitol Hill on October 16, 2019 in Washington, DC. Zach Gibson/Getty Images

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Reddit Inc. co-founder and CEO Steve Huffman speaks during a hearing with the House Communications and Technology and House Commerce Subcommittees on Capitol Hill on October 16, 2019 in Washington, DC. Zach Gibson/Getty Images

  • Reddit said Tuesday that its employees will not take a pay cut if they decide to move to more affordable cities.
  • Many of Reddit’s Silicon Valley peers, including Facebook and Stripe, have said that workers will indeed take a salary cut if they leave Silicon Valley.
  • The pandemic has altered real estate in the tech region as corporate offices remain shuttered and many companies consider alternative, remote options even after offices reopen.
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Reddit will keep paying its employees their San Francisco salaries if they decide to leave the region for more affordable locales, the company said in a Tuesday blog post.

“To support employees

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Yes, you’re seeing more robot cars in San Francisco. Here’s why self-driving is picking up speed

This was meant to be the year that robot cars went mainstream.

The self-driving car industry, largely based in Silicon Valley, brimmed with confident predictions that autonomous taxis would be commonplace by 2020, ushering in a golden age that would improve transportation, end traffic deaths and reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

Chalk up another way that 2020 dashed hopes.

“Machine learning did not advance as rapidly as (proponents) thought it would,” said Jesse Halfon, a Michigan automotive attorney. “It seems like industry-wide there is a consensus that (mass deployment) will take longer than thought.”

There are some scattered robot taxi pilot programs. In Arizona, Waymo has been giving paid rides in autonomous vehicles with backup drivers to a select group of civilians since December 2018. This year, it’s been removing safety drivers from some cars and will offer a truly driverless experience to the broad public by year end. In

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