How to become a freelance software engineer and make 6 figures

  • The pandemic motivated many people to take on freelancing as their only, or extra, source of income.
  • Freelance software engineers who earn six figures annually spoke with Business Insider about paving a lucrative path in short-term work. 
  • They said finding work is easier through word-of-mouth marketing and previous employers, and it’s important to “show rather than tell” with a portfolio that keeps track of your past projects.
  • When setting rates for a freelance project, they recommended starting with your desired income and dividing that by how many hours you’d ideally like to work. 
  • Don’t stay siloed in one area of expertise, and remember that you’re the expert, so you should treat your client like a collaborator, not your boss. 
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COVID-19 served as the catalyst for a huge surge in freelancing, as millions found themselves unemployed and looking for alternative ways to earn an

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