Why Kristen Stewart Is the Ultimate Internet Girlfriend

It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment Kristen Stewart went from being one of the most loathed celebrities on the planet to one of the most beloved. For so long Stewart was That Girl from Twilight. Then she was That Girl from Twilight Who Cheated On Her Hunky Twilight Boyfriend. But eventually all that slid away, and the true Stewart emerged, the Stewart with whom the internet fell in love. That Stewart was brash and unrepentantly herself. She gave incredible performances in independent films from female and foreign directors. She was an establishment-approved style icon that seemingly never compromised her personal taste for a brand’s generic idea.

Stewart is a case study in growing up in the public eye, becoming exactly who you want to be, and saying “fuck you” to anyone who doesn’t like that. And while she’s still shaking off some of the assumptions that have followed her

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