Facebook Introduces Social Good for Business Website

Facebook Introduces Social Good for Business Website

Facebook’s new Social Good for Business website

Facebook rolled out a new Social Good for Business website Tuesday to help businesses on its platform further their social impact.

The social network said the site was designed to help businesses:

  • Build a community for a cause: Leverage native platform tools in order to have a positive impact at scale.
  • Amplify your brand and impact: Learn how to build brand awareness, sell products with a purpose and start a conversation that drives action.
  • Show up where and when it matters: Connect more deeply with communities and customers by identifying relevant moments like #GivingTuesday, Ramadan or Pride Month to amplify causes that are important to your business.

Facebook head of global business strategy and engagement Arielle Gross Samuels said in a blog post, “We’ve seen businesses of all sizes

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SEO Success Is a Moving Target, but Good Content Will Always Be Crucial

Google updates its search result algorithm thousands of times every year, and for content marketers, keeping up with the ever-changing search engine optimization (SEO) standards can feel like a losing battle.

Though its tweaks are typically minor, some changes are a lot heftier. In just the past two years, Google rolled out nine significant updates, including several deemed “Broad Core Algorithm Updates.” And, while the search behemoth is traditionally tight-lipped about what each update entails, typically its goal is to evolve how its 200 SEO ranking factors—such as inbound versus outbound links—are scored in search results.

The impact of each update, in turn, depends on whether it’s applied to a relatively small number of web pages or rolled out more broadly across the larger internet.

Overwhelmed yet? Google and SEO experts maintain that there’s no need to be. Google’s primary intent isn’t to penalize pages; it’s to improve the web

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Is Multiple Domains Pointing to Single Website Good for SEO?

This week’s Ask An SEO question comes to us from Ellis in “Parts Unknown.” Ellis asks:

“I would like your opinion on having multiple domains point to one website, and whether its dangerous or beneficial from an SEO and Google perspective. I have a client who is adamant they want 10 different domains all pointing to one website and we are curious about the effects.”

As always, the answer to this SEO question is a definitive “it depends.”

First, let’s define the situation and clarify some things.

When you say “point multiple domains to one website,” I’m going to assume you mean “301 or some other type of redirect from the extra domains to the client’s website.”

And you do not mean “have the client’s website resolve for all of these domains.”

I can tell you now, having one “website” answer to multiple domains simply creates multiple websites of duplicate

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Alek Minassian’s father testifies in van attack trial his son was about to start a good computer job

Article content continued

He paused in his testimony as he became emotional.

He said he watched video of his son pulling his hand out of his pocket and pointing it at police, pretending he had a gun.

“I was in a state of shock,” he said. “How is this even possible?”

He testified there was no hint of his son being capable of it.

“I’ve seen no history of violence. He is, if anything, he’s always been characterized as a gentle person.”

Minassian’s father said his son had problems from a young age because of odd behaviours. He was in a special education program throughout his schooling. In some subjects, such as math, he was ahead of his peers but in other he was far behind.

Social interaction, he said, “was one of the greatest challenges he had.” He did not recognize facial expressions that reveal other’s emotional state, such

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Michigan election software isn’t good enough at detecting human error, expert says

Michigan’s election software systems should be better at catching human error, experts say after at least two cases of flawed early results reporting on Election Day.

Some Republican leaders point to the errors among several reasons they believe the 2020 election results lack integrity. Meanwhile, state officials assure the public there is nothing to worry about.

These mistakes were exceptions, the result of user error and fail-safes are in place that would have caught the inaccuracies before they were certified anyway, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office said.

“The erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim county was a result of accidental error on the part of the Antrim County clerk,” Benson’s office said. “The equipment and software did not malfunction and all ballots were properly tabulated. However, the clerk accidentally did not update the software used to collect voting machine data and report unofficial results.”

Iowa University Professor

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The internet loves Joe Biden’s very good dogs, Major and Champ

If the internet loves anything, it’s a good pup. And President-elect Joe Biden has two.

Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie: The internet loves Joe Biden's very good dogs, Major and Champ

© Provided by Mashable
The internet loves Joe Biden’s very good dogs, Major and Champ

Folks online have become especially enamored with Major, a big ol’ German shepherd Biden adopted in 2018. Look at this good boy — who will be the first adopted dog in the White House.

Look at head-tilt and smile. We just love to see it. A Good Boy. 

After Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election by multiple major media outlets, it wasn’t long before folks began the celebrating a return of pups to the White House, since outgoing President Donald Trump was famously the first commander-in-chief in a century to not have a dog. A fan page on Twitter for the Biden dogs, for instance, has already racked up nearly 60,000 followers. Biden’s other dog, a German

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‘Starfield’ Developer Bethesda Has Good And Bad News For Fans


  • “Starfield” was announced at the E3 2018
  • Since then Bethesda has not yet released a major update about the game
  • Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently offered fresh details about “Starfield”

Bethesda’s Todd Howard offered a new set of official details about the much-awaited space exploration title “Starfield,” which could be good and bad news for fans. 

In an interview with James Batchelor of GamesIndustry.biz at this year’s Develop: Brighton conference, Todd Howard shared some fresh details about “Starfield”, which is the space exploration title currently in development at Bethesda Studios.

The director and executive producer at Bethesda Studios confirmed the upcoming sci-fi game would be a single-player experience. He also said since the game would be a first-party release, it would be available on Game Pass on day one.

Additionally, the executive mentioned “Starfield’s” game map would be the biggest the studio has made. To put it into perspective,

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Business Is Still Good for Skyworks, Cirrus and Other Mobile Chip Suppliers

A few days after Apple (AAPL) reported lower-than-expected iPhone sales for the months preceding its iPhone 12 launches, Skyworks (SWKS) , Cirrus Logic (CRUS) and Silicon Motion (SIMO)  provided reminders that business is still pretty good for most mobile chip suppliers.

All three companies comfortably beat their September quarter estimates and issued strong December quarter guidance, with Skyworks and Cirrus issuing sales guidance ranges that were more than $100 million above consensus estimates. Each company also indicated that (after falling sharply this spring) smartphone demand continues rebounding well ahead of the holiday season.

Moreover, in their own ways, Skyworks, Cirrus and Silicon Motion each provided examples of how technology transitions and rising silicon content within smartphones are helping various mobile chip suppliers grow their top lines at a faster rate than smartphone unit sales.

Skyworks, not surprisingly, reiterated that the demanding RF front-end needs of 5G phones are boosting its

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New ‘Halo Infinite’ Insider Information Is Good News For Fans


  • “Halo Infinite” was rumored to be released in 2022
  • 343 Industries denied the rumor
  • New information claims that “Halo Infinite” would be out in 2021

“Halo Infinite” is in its later stages of development, with 343 Industries more likely to focus on the technical aspects of the upcoming first-person shooter title’s development, according to a reliable industry insider.

While many fans were concerned that the “Halo Infinite” release could be delayed again, new information from industry insider Klobrille seemingly suggests that it won’t be the case. On Twitter, the tipster was asked about the game’s 2021 release window following the leadership reshuffle. The game is “more or less complete” and could be released in 2021, the insider responded.

Sadly, no other details about “Halo Infinite” was shared by the insider. Interestingly, the tipster’s comments seemingly suggest that the game’s delayed release was due to technical problems. If

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Apple Quietly Made a Big Change to AppleCare and It’s Very Good News For iPhone 12 Owners

If you’re an iPhone user, Apple just gave you some very good news. Well, that is if you signed up for AppleCare+. By the way, I don’t buy extended warranties on anything, but I buy AppleCare. I don’t have time in this column to get into all of the reasons why, but this one should be more than enough.

See, if you pay for AppleCare+, you get accidental damage coverage on your device. That means that if you drop your iPhone as you’re getting out of the car, and the screen shatters, instead of paying the full cost of a replacement (which can get very expensive), you pay $29.00.

In September, just before the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple quietly made a change. Normally that would be bad news. Normally, when companies change the terms and conditions of a warranty, it almost never comes out in the favor of

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