Chet Hanks Defends His Use of Jamaican Patois, Internet Says It’s ‘Verbal Blackface’

Chet Hanks is defending his use of speaking in a Jamaican patois in a chaotic Clubhouse appearance.

Tom Hanks’ son has made controversial headlines recently for speaking with a Jamaican accent despite not being from there. Moreover, a white man impersonating the dialect of a Black community has not gone down well.

Clubhouse is an invite-only voice-based social media app where users can enter into different rooms to listen or participate in a conversation.

Hanks, 30, was found on the app on December 3 in a chatroom defending his use of patois, saying: “I have no ill intentions and I’m just being myself.”

“It’s really as simple as this,” he said in snippets shared to Twitter.

“If I get on a binge or if I’m watching a bunch of English gangster movies and I’m just going about my day to day business like ordering a coffee in Starbucks and be

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