Zareen Khan launches her very own website ‘happy hippie Zareen’

This year has brought connecting with people using technology to the forefront, especially due to the lockdown and distancing that the pandemic has caused. Bollywood stars are keeping pace with the ever-changing digital needs of their fans and connecting with them using novel ways.

Actress Zareen Khan, who launched her YouTube channel a few months ago, has taken yet another step in digitalization and launched her very own website, where she will be able to share the latest updates on her upcoming projects, songs, news and all that is going on in her life. The website is called ‘Happy Hippie Zareen’, a name that the actress has claimed on numerous occasions best describes her.

Take a look at the video here:

The website has a fun and colourful user interface curated to suit the actress’ lively and quirky personality. Sharing her thoughts on the same, Zareen says, “I’m really excited

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Microsoft Is Happy If You Got Your Xbox Series X Early

The Xbox Series X and Series S aren’t due to officially release for a few more days, but some lucky players have had their consoles delivered early. As it turns out, that’s totally fine with Microsoft, and the company gave these lucky few the green light to start playing the console early.

We saw an Xbox Series X that appeared to be delivered too early to a player in Portugal last week, but it’s unclear if this person is who the Xbox team is acknowledging. However, while Microsoft did welcome players to start playing

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Twitch is running a PSA for people using ad-blockers on the site, and nobody’s happy

Ads are important on Twitch in the same way they’re important on any website that relies on advertisers for revenue. (Hello from Vox Media.) But it is a war. Ad-blockers keep websites ad-free, and then the sites themselves innovate around the blockers. Escalation is the norm.

It’s also the background for the current ad-based controversy on the streaming site. Twitch pushed an update that broke uBlock, a popular ad-blocker. UBlock users were suddenly greeted with a pop-up noting that they may be using a third-party tool or browser extension that “is impacting site performance” every 10 or 20 minutes — a little like a site-triggered midroll ad.

A spokesperson from Twitch told me that users were getting that specific pop-up because the tool they’re using is manipulating the site code. This person stressed that the midroll experiment was over and added that Twitch hadn’t actually changed the overall ad density

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Katherine Schwarzenegger Isn’t Happy the Internet Is Calling Her Husband Chris Pratt ‘The Worst Chris’

Photo credit: Amy Sussman - Getty Images
Photo credit: Amy Sussman – Getty Images


Chris Pratt’s wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, along with his Marvel co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr., took to their social media platforms last night to defend Pratt when users on Twitter and Instagram widely proclaimed him the worst of the four big Chrises in Hollywood. Pratt has often been grouped with other A-list, light brown-hair, light-eyed Chrises: Chris Evans, Chris Pine, and Chris Hemsworth.

Producer Amy Berg started the discussion over the weekend on Twitter, writing, “one has to go,” alongside their photos. The comments to her post overwhelmingly suggested that Pratt needed to, in part because some suspect he may be a quiet Donald Trump supporter due to his decision to not participate in the Avengers fundraiser for Joe Biden and for a recent “insensitive” voting joke that drew criticism on social media. Pratt has not endorsed any candidate for

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Programming, addressing complex needs key to helping homeless in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

After a video of an Inuk man in handcuffs being thrown to the ground by a Happy Valley-Goose Bay municipal enforcement officer was posted on social media, a deputy minister in the Nunatsiavut Government says a lot of work needs to be done to help the homeless population in Labrador.

The video was first shared by Torngat Mountains MHA Lela Evans on Friday. Evans said the man in the video is homeless. 

Michelle Kinney, Nunatsiavut’s deputy minister of Health and Social Development, told CBC Radio’s On The Go on Monday she’s reserving judgment from the video, not fully knowing the events that transpired leading up to the take down. 

The officer in the video has since been put on administrative duty and the town has launched an independent investigation into the incident. 

“I think that people in general are frustrated with the homeless issue, and there’s probably a time that

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