Gassco website revamp makes Norway gas flows harder to gauge, say analysts

* Live physical flow data is missing from new website

* Analysts say this reduces transparency

* Gassco says switch in line with EU regulation

OSLO, Dec 1 (Reuters) – Norwegian gas pipeline operator Gassco launched a revamped data website on Tuesday which switches away from live physical flows, drawing criticism from analysts who say it has reduced transparency in a key energy market.

Gassco operates over 8,800 km (5,468 miles) of pipelines, several processing plants and receiving terminals in Britain, Germany, Belgium and France. Outages at these installations can impact European gas prices and are closely watched by the market.

Instead of the live flow data, Gassco’s redesigned website now shows only aggregated daily nominations, or shippers’ formal requests to transport gas, which indicate how much capacity shippers have booked for the current gas day.

That is problematic, analysts say.

“I don’t mind seeing

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Finding And Hiring IT And Software People Is Going To Be Harder

David Moise is CEO, and sometimes developer, of Decide Consulting, an executive search and recruitng firm for IT and Software roles.

In the months prior to Covid-19, the job market for IT and software people was hot. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for IT people hovered near 2.3% for all of 2019. Even several months into the Covid-19 economy, the IT sector is competing with the legal profession to have the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

Prior to Covid-19, companies trying to hire top technical talent were finding it more difficult to do so. As we emerge from the Covid-19 economy to the recovery, it will become even more difficult to find and retain those software and IT personnel. There are several reasons why.

Digital Transformations

Pick up any recent report from Gartner, Inc., McKinsey & Company or any other top advisory

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Prop 24: New CA law makes data gathering harder for Facebook, Google

  • California voters just passed Proposition 24, a ballot measure that expands the state’s existing privacy laws and scales back the amount of data that big tech companies are allowed to collect on people.
  • The law will make it harder for Facebook and Google to track people’s activity through third parties, which could make much of the tech giants’ advertising business models obsolete, experts told Business Insider.
  • While Prop. 24 is only active in California, it will effectively apply to all of the US because of the state’s huge influence on the tech industry.
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A new law passed by California voters in the November election will set an unprecedented standard for digital privacy in the US, making it harder for big tech companies like Facebook and Google to track people’s data.

The Consumer Privacy Rights Act, also known as Proposition 24, was on track

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Cyber threats are now more sophisticated, harder to find, Microsoft analysts say

Oct. 19 (UPI) — Ransomware gangs, some capable of hijacking major computer systems in less than an hour, have emerged as the most common cybersecurity threat this year, according to a new report.

Cybercriminals have become so efficient at staging ransomware attacks that some skilled gangs need only 45 minutes between initial entry to a system and locking it down for ransom, Microsoft analysts said in their annual Digital Defense Report.

“This report makes it clear that threat actors have rapidly increased in sophistication over the past year, using techniques that make them harder to spot and that threaten even the savviest targets,” Microsoft said.

“In addition to attacks becoming more sophisticated, threat actors are showing clear preferences for certain techniques, with notable shifts towards credential harvesting and ransomware, as well as an increasing focus on Internet of Things devices.”

The rising sophistication of ransomware attacks has come in tandem

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