Hasty raises $3.7M in funding to speed up computer vision AI training

Artificial intelligence startup Hasty GmbH said today it has nabbed $3.7 million in seed funding as it looks to speed up the development of its next-generation annotation tool for computer vision.

Shasta Ventures led the seed funding round, together with participation from coparion and iRobot Ventures.

Hasty has built an annotation tool that’s used to train vision AI models that are used by computers to understand what they’re seeing when presented with an image or video. In order for a computer to know what it’s seeing, the content of the image or video needs to be labeled, so it can “see” different objects or human faces and read text, for example.

But data labeling is a laborious task, and it’s hindered by the fact that most vision AI models don’t train and update themselves during this process. Indeed, Hasty says that around 80% of a data scientist’s time is spent

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