Why It’s Time to Retire Black, White & Gray Hats in SEO

Experienced SEO professionals are goal-oriented workers.

They work with their employers or clients to set clear expectations for traffic growth and the timeline for meeting those goals.

A successful SEO pro first evaluates where the company stands in terms of domain authority and sales, then creates an action plan for selecting and improving key performance indicators.

Creating this action plan is where it gets complicated.

SEO professionals have to meet their employer’s objectives and primarily need to improve their site’s Google PageRank to do so.

Because SEO pros work within Google’s framework, many assume they have to follow Google’s guidelines to succeed.

The industry’s history of Google dependency has led SEO professionals to categorize their ranking strategies based on their compliance with Google’s user expectations.

The terms “black hat,” “white hat,” and “gray hat” have been used for years to legitimize and criticize different SEO tactics.

It’s become increasingly clear

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