QAnon Haven 8kun Briefly Shut Down by Internet Providers

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Screenshot: 8kun

The last haven for “real” Qdrops, 8kun (previously called 8chan), briefly went down Sunday night after a security researcher called the head of CNServers, the anti-denial-of-service provider that controversial site uses to stay online. CNServers quickly pulled their support for the message board, resulting in a vanishingly brief outage.

The site currently runs on a web services provider in Vancouver, Washington, called VanwaTech, also known as OrcaTech. Attempts to ask the provider’s founder, Nick Lin, to take the sites down have thus far been rebuffed, and so a security researcher name Ron Guilmette contacted CNServers in Hillsboro, Oregon, telling the company that he was surprised that the small provider was protecting the site. A few minutes later, CNServers canceled the services it provided to another internet provider, Spartan Host Ltd., essentially knocking Q offline

This kind of tangled web of service providers is common, especially

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