Snowflakes faint at Fawlty Towers, but ignore violent computer games, says Sir John Hayes | Express Comment | Comment

But even Talking Pictures, aimed as it is at those with a keen interest in social history, has been compelled by the regulator Ofcom to caution its viewers that much of its programming reflects the “language and values of the past”. Such warnings demonstrate how commonplace it has become to regard the values of previous generations with contempt. Programmes such as It Was Alright In The 70s invite viewers to express synthetic outrage at footage from old TV comedies.

Such are the sensitivities of liberal broadcasters that comic gems such as Fawlty Towers are never now shown.

Presumably Manuel (Andrew Sachs) being bullied by Basil (John Cleese) is just too much for the snowflake generation to bear.

But do the makers of programmes based on derisive sniggering at the entertainment of yesteryear ever stop to wonder how past generations would regard what we do and view now? Certainly, they appear

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