Best USB to HDMI adapters 2020

(Pocket-lint) – Choosing a top USB to HDMI cable can open up a new world of connectivity, whether you want to link your computer, tablet, or smartphone to another device. 

In most cases, users simply want to use an adapter to sync up these portable devices with a monitor or TV for better viewing. Thankfully, both HDMI and USB  – particularly USB-C, which features heavily in this guide – are ubiquitous connection standards that the latest tech are generally equipped to handle. 

Even still, though, not all of these linkers are the same. Some will be long cables that join the two devices together, while others are smaller adapters that allow you to feed an HDMI to HDMI cable into. For those who want to squeeze in a few more connections, the odd adapter will act as a base station for USB-A and SD cards, too. 

To help you

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PS5 And Xbox Series X-Friendly AV Receivers Reportedly Hit By Major HDMI Bug

Awesome though it is that the next generation of consoles and PCs are moving video game graphics on with brilliant new features like 4K at 120Hz, variable refresh rates and automatic low latency mode switching, it’s fair to say that the step up is causing more than a few technical hitches.

I’ve already reported in recent weeks on various issues LG’s OLED TVs have had handling the output of Nvidia’s RTX 30 graphics cards (despite these TVs being the most advanced gaming TVs on the market). Now it appears that next-gen gaming trouble lies in store, too, for the latest AV receivers from Marantz, Denon and Yamaha.

All three of these esteemed Hi-Fi and AV specialist brands have announced new receiver ranges in recent months that carry HDMI 2.1 ports supposedly capable of handling all the new features the Xbox Series X, PS5 and new PC card generations can throw

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