Heading out of Houston for the holidays? These gadgets will help you have a smooth and safe roadtrip with the family

HOUSTON – While staying at home is the best way to avoid spreading or contracting COVID-19 during the pandemic (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently recommended against traveling at all during the Thanksgiving holiday), if you’re planning to hit the road later on this holiday season and are looking for ways to make the trip safe and fun for your family, we have some ideas. Nationally Syndicated Tech-Life Columnist Jennifer Jolly shares gadgets that will help you have a smooth and safe journey.


What it is: The SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 is a cell phone signal amplifier that boosts weak signals for multiple devices. This is a must have when traveling through areas far from cell towers, which you’re likely to come across at some point during your roadtrip. The device is compatible with all North American carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile,Verizon and Sprint.

Where to get

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