Seo Bok star Gong Yoo heads to You Quiz on the Block to promote his upcoming movie featuring Park Bo Gum

Gong Yoo has been confirmed to appear on Korean chat show You Quiz on the Block. The actor will promote his upcoming movie Seo Bok, also featuring Park Bo Gum.

Seo Bok star Gong Yoo heads to You Quiz on the BlockSeo Bok star Gong Yoo heads to You Quiz on the Block to promote his upcoming movie featuring Park Bo Gum

We will be getting to see a lot more of Gong Yoo this month! The South Korean heartthrob, who also BLACKPINK member Lisa’s attention, has been in the news lately for his upcoming movie Seo Bok. The Goblin actor will be seen starring opposite Park Bo Gum in the movie. Just a few days ago, we watched him join the director of the movie for a press conference. Now, the actor is set to make his way to the popular Korean chat show You Quiz on

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Next-generation computer chip with two heads — ScienceDaily

It’s a major breakthrough in the field of electronics. Engineers at EPFL’s Laboratory of Nanoscale Electronics and Structures (LANES) have developed a next-generation circuit that allows for smaller, faster and more energy-efficient devices — which would have major benefits for artificial-intelligence systems. Their revolutionary technology is the first to use a 2D material for what’s called a logic-in-memory architecture, or a single architecture that combines logic operations with a memory function. The research team’s findings appear today in Nature.

Until now, the energy efficiency of computer chips has been limited by the von Neumann architecture they currently use, where data processing and data storage take place in two separate units. That means data must constantly be transferred between the two units, using up a considerable amount of time and energy.

By combining the two units into a single structure, engineers can reduce these losses. That’s the idea behind the

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The $2m Jackpot Winner Denied By ‘Software Error’ Heads To Court

A man who won $2m from a British bookmaker, only to be denied his winnings because of a “software error”, is taking his case to Britain’s High Court.

Andy Green won £1.7m ($2m) from bookmaker Betfred while playing a blackjack game on his smartphone. His account was credited with £1,722,923.54, but when he attempted to withdraw the winnings, the request was declined, according to a report from the BBC.

Mr Green was then called by a director of the bookmaking firm, who claimed there had been a “software error” and that the company was rejecting the claim.

Betfred reportedly offered Mr Green £30,000 ($38,000) as a token of “goodwill”, as long as he agreed to a non-disclosure agreement, later upping that offer to £60,000 ($72,000). Mr Green refused both offers and is now suing Betfred for £2 million ($2.6

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