New website targets first responders struggling with mental health

a man wearing sunglasses posing for the camera: Cape Breton paramedic Debbie Fortune (left) poses for a picture with her colleague Sheri King. Fortune says a new website can help first responders with mental health supports.

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Cape Breton paramedic Debbie Fortune (left) poses for a picture with her colleague Sheri King. Fortune says a new website can help first responders with mental health supports.

Nova Scotia first responders have had a hand in creating a new website intended to help their colleagues recognize when they need mental health support.

Debbie Fortune and her husband, Jason, have both been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder while working as paramedics in Cape Breton.

Fortune said her husband left his job in 2012, and it took years for him to get a diagnosis and proper treatment.

There weren’t many PTSD resources available to civilians, she said, so the couple went to a military support group and were surprised to find people with different jobs had the same experiences.

“That was one of the turning points for us, to just feel like we’re not alone,” said

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Death shocks U of T student body, prompts calls for change to mental health programming

This article contains sensitive content which may not be suitable for some readers. 

The death of a first year New College student at the University of Toronto has prompted an outcry from the student body, who feel the educational institution is not doing enough to ensure students have proper access to mental health supports.

“It would be wrong to imply an attitude that they don’t care, but with a multi-billion dollar institution of the University of Toronto you would expect to see significantly better services and living environment,” explains Dermot O’Halloran, vice-president of operations with the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU.)

“It has been a longstanding issue.”

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Unions, students raise concern over University of Toronto’s Fall 2020 in-person learning

On Nov. 2,2020 first year student Keshav Mayya died by suicide at an off-campus location. A student studding mathematics and quantum computing, Mayya’s tragic death has put the

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Alibaba Health: Leading Internet Healthcare Company In China (OTCMKTS:ALBHF)

Elevator Pitch

I assign a Neutral rating to Chinese internet healthcare company Alibaba Health Information Technology Limited (OTCPK:ALBHF, 241:HK).

The support and backing of its parent and controlling shareholder Alibaba Group (BABA) is Alibaba Health’s key competitive advantage. Alibaba Health benefits from a strong brand equity and low customer acquisition costs due to its association with Alibaba Group and the “Alibaba” brand. Looking ahead, Alibaba Health’s key growth opportunities are in prescription drugs and medical & healthcare services.

But there are hurdles that need to be overcome for Alibaba Health to realize the growth opportunities in prescription drugs and medical & healthcare services. It might take a while for most or all the provinces in China to implement the changes relating to reimbursements for online medical services and products to on a nation-wide basis in the country; and the conversion rate for paid medical consultation services could be potentially lower

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CDC director cites this website to back in-school learning. Its designer calls that ‘bananas’ | Health

“No one is collecting systematic data and it seems like a tremendous oversight,” she said.

So she started doing it — but is the first to say that her data is incomplete.

“If we can get more participation from more states, it can help us understand these patterns and share information about what works and what doesn’t,” Oster said.

“It’s clear to me that a federally funded, organized effort on this would be potentially better. We need more resources on this problem.”

The CDC did not have an immediate comment on Oster’s reaction.

Redfield has not insisted that all schools got back to immediate face-to-face teaching

“Dr. Redfield encourages communities to make decisions about in-person learning based upon transmission levels in the community and also within schools’ educational settings, which can be much lower than transmission levels within a community,” the CDC spokesperson said.

“Some extracurricular activities might pose an

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Embry Women’s Health website relaunches after cyberattack, expects 20,000 daily tests



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A few days after a cyberattack disabled the website for Embry Women’s Health, one of Arizona’s largest COVID-19 testing sources, the agency broke its record for most tests in a day Monday: 15,000.

“Before this, we had never exceeded 12,000 patients,” said CEO Raymond Embry. “We are continuing to see an exponential increase in the need for tests all over Arizona.” 

Embry Women’s Health operates more than 30 COVID-19 test sites across the state and was hit with a distributed denial-of-service attack Friday that caused the main website to go down multiple times. 

CATCH UP: Citing the COVID-19 spike, Arizona’s largest health system reinstates visitor restrictions

Embry said he is still unsure of the source of the cyberattack, but he said it was disheartening someone would try to “take down a vital resource for the state.”

“We had to deploy a

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Embry Women’s Health website attacked as COVID-19 tests surge



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A cyberattack disabled the website of one of Arizona’s leading COVID-19 testing agencies this week as cases surged and more and more people sought tests.

Embry Women’s Health, which operates more than 30 COVID-19 test sites across the state, was hit with a distributed denial of service attack that caused the main website to go down multiple times.

But CEO Raymond Embry said Friday the attack “has not impacted the ability for patients to receive their results” or delayed the facility’s three- to five-day turnaround time.

“Someone’s intentionally targeting it, trying to knock it offline,” Embry said.

The health facility’s main website was offline throughout the day, but Embry said he expected it to be back up and running sometime Friday night.

Embry said the main website isn’t the only way patients can get test results. They can also access results

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CDC Awards Medscape Education Three Contracts to Develop Medical Education Programming Addressing Major Public Health Needs

NEW YORK, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Medscape, the leading source of continuing medical education, clinical news, health information, and point-of-care tools for health care professionals (HCPs), has been awarded three contracts by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Cancer Prevention and Control and the National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID).  These programs, focused on cancer care, invasive mold infections and chronic fatigue syndrome, will be developed by Medscape Education and delivered to its multi-specialty membership with certification for both physicians and nurses. A division of Medscape, Medscape Education is the leading destination for continuous professional development for HCPs.

While the medical world is appropriately focused on COVID-19, it is essential that other clinical topics, which impact the lives of millions of patients, are not overlooked. The programming will be focused on the following:

  • Cancer care: In collaboration with the National
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Texas health care providers can register for Covid-19 vaccine

Hospitals and pharmacists can register to be among the first to receive the vaccine once approved

AUSTIN, Texas — A Covid-19 vaccine is still weeks away from approval, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott is encouraging health care providers across the state to enroll in the DSHS immunization program.

The online portal allows hospitals, medical facilities, pharmacies and long-term care facilities to register “to be considered” to receive the Covid-19 vaccine once approved. 

“While potential COVID-19 vaccines continue to undergo clinical trials, the State of Texas is taking a proactive approach to ensure the vaccine is distributed as quickly as possible once available,” Governor Abbott said in a news release. “Providing Texans with access to a voluntary vaccine and efficiently administering the immunization will be essential to containing COVID-19 and protecting the health of our communities.”

Supplies will be extremely limited once a vaccine is approved. Health care workers and frontline

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NHS Lanarkshire launches new website to help with people’s mental health

A new website for Lanarkshire puts high-quality mental health self-help at people’s fingertips.

Lanarkshire Mind Matters has been produced by NHS Lanarkshire’s psychological services. It aims to link adults aged 18 and over to evidence-based mental health information, advice and help.

There are links to self-help for problems including anxiety, depression and panic, as well as free online courses and information about how to maintain mental and physical wellbeing.

Further resources are already being developed.

The website will continually evolve as part of a wider move to provide accessible online services during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

Clinical psychologist Dr Simon Stuart, who has led the development of Lanarkshire Mind Matters, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on what all services are able to offer people. Even something as simple as visiting a health centre has become more challenging.

“NHS Lanarkshire’s psychological services were already exploring ways

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Internet access a health disparity during pandemic

While society has made changes to accommodate the need for physical distancing to slow the spread of COVID-19, such as grocery deliveries, working from home and even drive-thru voting, the healthcare field is doing the same by providing care to patients through telehealth when possible. However, as experts from Baylor College of Medicine have found, there are disparities when it comes to access to the internet among those who are suffering from chronic health conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

The findings are in the current edition of Diabetes Care.

“Some patients may be avoiding the doctor’s office for follow-up visits due to fear of exposure to the virus, so chronic diseases may actually worsen,” said Dr. Salim Virani, professor of medicine-cardiology at Baylor and a cardiologist with the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center. “Telehealth can be a valuable solution.”

Telehealth is the ability for a patient

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