The Internet’s Calling For Amber Heard To Be Fired From Aquaman 2

Warner Bros. have sparked some major controversy with their decision to force Johnny Depp out of the role of Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3. The actor released a statement confirming he was stepping away from the part, but it was clear that the studio were going to fire him anyway even if he didn’t.

Fans had already taken the 57 year-old’s side after he lost his libel suit against a British tabloid, and there’s been huge backlash now that he’s found himself kicked out of a second franchise after also being dumped from Pirates of the Caribbean last year. Of course, the tricky thing about high profile domestic disputes playing out in public is that both parties can be simultaneously viewed as abusers and victims, and while the evidence released during the numerous court battles has painted neither of them in an overwhelmingly positive light, so far, at least,

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You’ve Heard Of Computer-Aided Design. What About Computer-Aided Biology?

In the early days of the semiconductor industry, integrated circuits were designed by one or two engineers with slide-rules, hand-drawn on paper, and then given to a lithographer to print onto silicon wafers. As circuits became more complex, blueprints gave way to software. These digitally represented designs were much more than a reproduction of a pencil sketch: productivity, design quality, and communication all improved rapidly thanks to software’s ability to codify desired behaviors into actionable layouts, while also allowing for easy, iterative design improvements.

Today, large teams of engineers design circuits using high-level languages that automate the process, and chip layouts more detailed than a street map of the entire U.S. can be generated automatically. The result has been a revolution in engineering and design, manifesting itself as Moore’s Law and the Information Age itself.

Today, a similar revolution is happening in biology, most notably in the field

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