2020 Election Newscasters Are Stealing the Hearts of Everyone on the Internet

As Election Day turned into Election Week, folks across the nation managed to come together around one unified cause: collective adoration for cable news anchors.

If you’ve been on the internet at all in recent days, you’ve probably seen people on your timeline timidly admitting their crushes on the likes of Chris Cuomo, Steve Kornacki, or Don Lemon. And, like many other internet trends, this one quickly took on a life of its own, soon spiraling into full-on thirst TikToks and sparkly fancams. To be fair, we all have been glued to the news for four days straight. Watching John King and his magic wall for that long…well…it does things to a person.

Like the ongoing election memes (Nevada, lookin’ at you), the newscaster thirst tweets have offered a much-needed sense of comic relief. Ahead, please enjoy some of the funniest, most creative, and simply most shameless crush declarations we’ve

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