Working around Covid-19: the software suite helping businesses operate safely | The new rules of work

With this year’s ongoing disruption to working lives, business leaders have struggled to take stock of changing norms, changing attitudes and changing concerns.

But one enduring concern centres on workplace safety in the context of the global health pandemic. To better understand these concerns, ServiceNow recently commissioned The Work Survey, a global survey of 9,000 executives and employees. The report found that 60% of employees believed their company would prioritise business continuity over workplace safety and, even if a company put safety first, 46% of employees doubted their employer would take the necessary steps to ensure their safety.

These apprehensions were anticipated by ServiceNow, which is why at the beginning of the pandemic the company launched the Safe Workplace suite, a collection of apps that allay staff concerns by streamlining the complex health and safety logistics of reopening large business premises – issues that cut across departments such as HR,

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Internet Marketing Expert Matt Diggity Claims That SEO is Helping Businesses Rise Out of Crisis Mode

The global pandemic has seen businesses reporting major losses, with small business owners being the hardest hit. Internet marketing expert Matt Diggity claims that now is the best time for SEO.

Diggity Marketing

Matt Diggity Internet Marketing Expert
Matt Diggity Internet Marketing Expert
Matt Diggity Internet Marketing Expert

California, USA , Nov. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As businesses across the world and especially in the US, UK and many other parts of the world brace for the second round of lockdowns to curtail the so-called “second wave”, internet marketing experts like Matt Diggity claim that now would be an excellent time to invest in Search Engine Optimization. 

While COVID-19 may have led to the demise of many traditional businesses, people are turning to e-commerce stores to buy gifts and daily items alike. Many small mom and pop retailers should consider transitioning to marketing, advertising and selling their products online. Almost every type of e-commerce

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Computer teacher still helping senior citizens learn technology despite pandemic

CHICAGO — For years, Alex Bolanos has taught computer basics to senior citizens in a classroom setting. But last spring while transitioning to remote learning, he went above and beyond make sure his students were cared for both in and outside of the classroom.  

Alex Bolanos is one of Chicago’s Very Own.

Teaching a beginner computer class is hard enough, but Bolanos recalls doing it remotely is problematic.

“The big challenge was the students that knew nothing about computers they have zero knowledge of computers,” he said.

A computer literacy instructor with St. Josephs Services in Chicago, Bolanos has spent the last three years bringing his students up to speed with the use of modern technology. 

“I teach the most basic computer from the most basic, starting from hardware software, after that we going to learning about the internet,” he said.

He said the free classes have been a hit

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Seven Businesses Helping Britain ‘Build Back Greener’

In a speech to the CBI yesterday, the U.K.’s Business Secretary Alok Sharma calls on businesses to “build back greener”. To be fair to politicians, this is one area where the U.K. has done quite well over the last few decades. As he says: “Over the last 30 years, the U.K. economy grew by 75%, and yet we also cut our emissions by 43%. We were the first major economy to legislate for achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.”

In the same speech, Sharma expressed his hope that businesses “take advantage of the immediate opportunities this green agenda brings, as we recover from the COVID pandemic.” But what more can the Government itself do to support this aspiration? 

As luck would have it, we have a report just out with the Enterprise Trust with twenty policy ideas of how it could do

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From Gaming To Holograms, How Tech Is Helping Candidates Campaign In The Metaverse

Every decade or so a new technology enters the scene that forever changes the way politicians advertise to their constituents and prospective voters. Franklin Delenore Roosevelt is famous for his radio Fireside Chats in the 1940s. In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s campaign was the first to use 30-second ad spots on TV (he won). In 2008, Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama, proved that social media was essential to reaching voters in the first-ever “social media-driven political campaign.”

Today, social media is just as essential but so are other digital mediums to reaching voters. Candidates look to new technology like volumetric video, video games, and streaming services to communicate with the people – and not just because of the pandemic.

Holo Politics

In 2019, Democratic Primary candidate, Andrew Yang, revealed a 3D hologram of himself that he used for virtual campaigning. He featured himself alongside famous rapper, Tupac’s, hologram. The two

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DO SEO Reveals How SEO Is Helping Small Business Thrive – Press Release

Small businesses, especially startups, need all of the help they can get when it comes to establishing themselves in the market, catching the consumer’s eyes, and converting visitors into paying customers. While all of these are achievable, small businesses mostly do not have the marketing budget to go toe to toe with existing businesses. This dilemma calls for effective marketing strategies and that is what the team at DO SEO delivers.

Innaloo, WA – As small business owners, being able to appeal to the target audience is one of the very essential steps to get noticed, however, to achieve this, one has to have specific plans in place. The team at DO SEO understands that each business is different and so are their goals. Based on this foundation, the team offers personalized and specialized marketing solutions to each client to address their specific goals and also to deliver results in

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How an online recipe for banana bread is helping domestic violence survivors

What do an online recipe for banana bread and a host of tips for making it have to do with helping survivors of domestic violence?

Nothing, and that’s the point.



Recognizing that it’s not uncommon for an abuser to track a partner’s phones and browsing history, the Vernon Area Public Library in Lincolnshire and Highland Park-based North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic have teamed up to create, an inconspicuous-looking website that lets survivors seek help without leaving telltale digital bread crumbs behind.

At first blush, the site appears exactly as billed — it opens to an image of sliced bread atop a cutting board, with a list of ingredients and instructions below. Above it are links labeled “Start with the Best Bananas,” “Kitchen Helpers” and “Baking Tips.”

But look closer and you’ll see not all is as it seems. Click the links and you’ll find subtly disguised videos offering information

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How The Youngest Woman Trader On Wall Street Is Helping Startups Go Public

Wall Street has been a white man’s world since its inception. So have venture-backed startups. Currently, black or Latino people run less than 3% of venture capital funded businesses and women run a scant 9%. But if Lauren Simmons has anything to say about it both industries are going to become more diverse and colorful.  

At 22, Lauren made history by being the youngest and only full-time female equity trader on Wall Street for Rosenblatt Securities. Hailed as the “Wolfette of Wall Street,” she’s also only the second black female trader to work on the trading floor in the New York Stock Exchange’s 225-year history. 

Now at 26, in addition to helping Millennials and Generation Z-ers get on top of their personal finances, Lauren is hosting the interactive series “Going Public,” which

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How One CEO Is Helping Organizations Take A Proactive Approach To Risk Management

This article series spotlights key business trends identified by the expert members of Forbes Councils. Find out if you qualify for Forbes Technology Council here.

Traditionally, the concept of risk has been associated with asset protection. Today, however, organizations are shifting to think about risk mitigation as it relates to revenue generation. This means organizations are working to quantify and prioritize risk with a proactive strategy that allows them to take on more strategic risk with the goal of generating revenue.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has been so fundamentally disruptive that many companies have been forced into a reactive state of risk management. Without a comprehensive contingency plan for unpredictable and disruptive events such as natural disasters, cybersecurity breaches, terrorist attacks, fraud or embezzlement, companies are unable to navigate uncertain times

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Meet 7 of the lawyers helping Google fight claims that it’s a monopoly

  • The US Department of Justice sued Google on Tuesday, claiming that it abused its dominance of web search and online advertising to stifle innovation and rake in billions in excess profits.
  • It’s the latest in a wide array of antitrust scrutiny Google has faced from regulators around the world.
  • The tech giant has a big in-house legal team, however, and its outside lawyers at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and Williams & Connolly have cut their teeth on several major antitrust matters over the years.
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After years of scrutiny, the US Department of Justice and more than a dozen state attorneys general sued Google on Tuesday over its dominance of web search and related advertising.

Twenty-seven attorneys for the federal government signed the complaint, reflecting the breadth of the investigative and prosecutorial resources that have been poured into the probe.

The lawsuit comes

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