Saved You Time and Internet-Stalked Matt James’ Front-Runner Abigail Heringer

From Cosmopolitan

Matt James, who’s currently in the process of finding love over in Pennsylvania, will save us all from the hot mess that is The Bachelorette (still not over that dodgeball game). Already his group of Bachelor girlfriends seems pretty chill, and there’s one contestant that we should be paying special attention to: Abigail Heringer. Early spoilers from Reality Steve strongly indicate that Abigail is going to be a major player this season, so here’s literally everything the internet knows about her thus far:

She Got Matt’s First Impression Rose

Reality Steve confirmed this news on ye olde Instagram, along with some pics of Abigail (swipe through!):

Yes, She’s on Instagram

Kay, so Abigail is on the ‘gram @abigail_heringer, but she’s currently private because the ABC Powers That Be force everyone to lock down their social media accounts during filming. In other words, you can’t spend tonight stalking her

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