The highest-profile first-gen MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 are here

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Apple’s Phone 12 launches on Friday and comes with one big new addition:  MagSafe. The new feature doubles the power throughput of standard Qi wireless charging on iPhones (15 watts versus 7.5 watts), and a magnetic snap to optimize placement on the phone’s back — similar to how the magnetic charger works on the Apple Watch. (Here’s how MagSafe works on the iPhone 12.)

Of course, if you have a magnet that can center a snap-on charger, that same magnet can be used to attach other types of accessories to the iPhone 12, too (shades of the late — and not so great — Moto Mods). Does that mean Apple is skipping a presumed transition of the iPhone from Lightning to USB-C, and opting to jump straight

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