DreamWorks Animation and SAP HANA partner with Lenovo for high-performance computing

The announcements around high-performance computing and data center upgrades were made Wednesday during the Tech World conference.

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Lenovo announced two partnerships at its Tech World conference Wednesday. The first is a high-performance computing cluster in film studio DreamWorks Animation’s data center. The second is a collaboration with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud customer edition.

The business of animation

DreamWorks found itself needing to update its legacy data center earlier this year. Producing a computer-generated animated feature typically takes four years, with hundreds of artists and engineers working in tandem to create half a billion digital files that require 200 million compute hours to render—which is more than 22,000 compute years, Lenovo said. “It’s a scale of heavy computational loading and processing not unlike the supercomputing needs of researchers,” the company said.

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Designing and installing a high-performance computing cluster at the height

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