Why Your Business’s Website Will Become More Important In A Post-Pandemic World

It’s hard to believe, but as we entered 2020, there were still many entrepreneurs and small businesses who treated their website more like a static brochure. There was nothing interactive, and pages rarely (if ever) got updated. A lot of the time, there was no way to actually do business through the website.

Um, hello? This is 2020 — not 1920. Most of us spend hours connected to the internet every day — and we expect a lot more than a brochure when we go online.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for a quality, engaging website should be more obvious than ever before. When stay at home orders went into effect, brick and mortar businesses had to close their doors. People started spending more time at home — and online. And as people get more and more used to interacting with businesses of all

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Why User Intent And SEO Are So Important To Digital Marketing

Founder at M16 Marketing and a Forbes Agency Council member. He’s a leading marketing technologist on a mission to create success stories.

Marketers are always planning their SEO and content strategies to boost their performance in search engines. While technical SEO is still important and will continue to be, one of the most important ranking factors to achieve SEO success is user intent.

In short, if you want your content to perform well, you need to appeal to users over search engines, or your rankings will suffer.

Keywords Are No Longer King

You might remember the early days of SEO when all that seemed to matter were keywords. When developing content, it used to be that you’d write paragraph after paragraph of keyword-stuffed content with a certain target keyword density percentage. Today, that simply isn’t the case.

Yes, keywords do still matter to some extent. Incorporating keyword phrases that

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Four Important Habits Every Marketing Entrepreneur Should Implement When Leveraging Software

CEO of Chiropractic Advertising. Expert digital marketer, John C. Maxwell certified coach, speaker, & international philanthropist. 

It’s important that entrepreneurs, especially those in marketing, don’t shy away from software that can make them more competitive. There are many online software options entrepreneurs should embrace to help grow their business. This includes tools to help with lead generation, task automation, prospect nurturing, customer relationship management and countless other aspects of business management and growth.

As valuable as these tools are to your business, it’s important to continually evaluate the tools implemented. By routinely evaluating software choices, marketing entrepreneurs can determine which ones are obsolete, which ones are yielding a good ROI and how to better leverage underutilized tools to maximize results.

Because of this, I have provided four habits entrepreneurs can start implementing to better utilize their current software choices.

1. Consolidate Your Tools When Possible

Paying for various

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SEO More Important Than Ever In A Contactless World

In order to remain competitive in this digital age,
especially with COVID forcing more businesses to move large
chunks of their operations online, more and more SMEs are
beginning to realise their need for Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO). In layman’s terms, SEO enables
businesses’ websites to appear higher on search engine
results, or to be more easily accessed through third-party
or partner site links. Effective SEO, particularly when
honed towards local markets, can give many an SME the upper
hand in turning clicks into sales, even against bigger

by Stella Tomasi and Xiaolin Li published in 2017
highlighted various ways in which SEO has been proven to aid
SMEs in growing both their digital footprints and their
actual profits by promoting traffic to their websites and
longer durations of site visits. The combination of
increased traffic

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Virgin Hyperloop hits an important milestone: the first human passenger test

Virgin Hyperloop announced that for the first time it has conducted a test of its ultra-fast transportation system with human passengers.

The test took place on Sunday afternoon at the company’s DevLoop test track in the desert outside Las Vegas, Nevada. The first two passengers were Virgin Hyperloop’s chief technology officer and co-founder, Josh Giegel, and head of passenger experience, Sara Luchian. After strapping into their seats in the company’s gleaming white and red hyperloop pod, dubbed Pegasus, they were transferred into an airlock as the air inside the enclosed vacuum tube was removed. The pod then accelerated to a brisk 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) down the length of the track, before slowing down to a stop.

It’s an important achievement for Virgin Hyperloop, which was founded in 2014 on the premise of making Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s vision of a futuristic transportation system of magnetically

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SSI, SSDI and stimulus checks: Important details to know about the first and second payments


If a new bill passes and you’re part of the SSI or the SSDI programs, you’ll likely be eligible for a second stimulus check.

Angela Lang/CNET

Now that the elections are over, members of Congress say they’re ready to get serious about negotiations to reach an agreement on the substance of a new economic relief package. While not everyone will qualify to get a second stimulus payment, there’s a good chance that people who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) will be eligible to receive another check.

Details including when the IRS will process more stimulus money and the size of the payment different people could get, including young adultsolder adults and retirees, and SSI/SSDI recipients, will be solidified once a bipartisan agreement is in place.

Read more: Joe Biden is president-elect. Here’s his stimulus plan for the US

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The 7 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About SEO This Year

We’re nearing the end of an eventful year, and so I figured it would be interesting to reflect on what I’ve learned about SEO this year.

In the process, I realized that some of the points I ended up writing down have been lingering in the back of my mind for quite some time – but were confirmed this year.

Here’s what’s stood out to me this year so far.

1. Plan for What’s Coming & Implement What Works Now

I see a lot of SEO professionals obsessing about new developments that will – or may – become important in the future while neglecting what’s working well right now.

They’re neglecting to really do what’s needed to hit their goals for 2020.

Now, it’s important to look ahead and see where the ball is going.

In fact, that’s essential for succeeding in SEO.

But don’t lose sight of what’s moving

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Uber’s Massive Win Over California Is a Win For the Gig Economy. That’s More Important Now Than Ever

Last year, California passed a very bad law, known as Assembly Bill 5. To be fair, you can make an argument it had a noble purpose, which was to provide workers in the so-called “gig economy” with protections they don’t receive as independent contractors. In reality, though, it was a blunt hammer that broke far more than it fixed.

California’s law redefined the test for whether a worker is classified as an employee. That’s important because companies like Uber have built their entire business on the idea that they use independent contractors who provide services to customers on their platform. 

On Tuesday, Californians passed Proposition 22, which amends that law to exclude “app-based drivers.” The ballot initiative was funded by $200 million from Uber and its ride-sharing competitor Lyft, which isn’t a surprise since AB 5 posed an existential threat to their companies. Voters overwhelmingly supported the proposition, passing it

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Why Tens Of Thousands Of Companies Rely On Amazon Aurora To Power Their Most Important And Demanding Applications

Up through the first decade of the 21st century, the world of relational databases wasn’t a particularly exciting one. From their arrival in the 1970s, relational databases mostly supported rather boring if important back office applications with a handful of users and relatively small amounts of data. But times – and relational database requirements – have changed.

Today, it’s not uncommon to find enterprise and consumer applications supporting hundreds of thousands or even millions of users and massive volumes of high velocity data. These are mission critical applications that companies across industries rely on to engage and transact with their customers, partners, and workers. And these applications often times require a relational database that is not only ACID compliant but also high performance, massively scalable, and highly available.

Consider DoorDash, the largest third-party delivery service in the world. Its mobile application has over 20 million users and processes hundreds

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