Univision Exits Minority Position in El Rey, Enabling El Rey to Continue as an Independently Owned Entertainment Company

The New York Times

Attacks in France Point to a Threat Beyond Extremist Networks

PARIS — All were unknown to police intelligence officials. None pledged allegiance to a terrorist group, and no group claimed them as members. None stated any political agenda. Signs of radicalization, if at all visible, were expressed on social media. And they came armed with little more than knives.The three young men behind recent terrorist attacks that have shaken France present a difficult challenge to French authorities — isolated, self-radicalized individuals rather than Islamist extremist networks — raising tough questions about whether the broad measures the government has taken in response are the right ones.Unattached to any group, harder to track and with an often obscured, hair-trigger propensity for violence that needs just the right spark, they are a far cry from the well-orchestrated and synchronized assaults in the wave of terrorism that swept France a

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