Forum will focus on making Indigenous land-based/STEM programming a mainstay in education

Conor Kerr knows personally how important it is to connect to the land.


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When he was growing up, he took in the teachings of his Métis grandparents, but he strayed while in high school, college and university. He came back to them when he was in his twenties, grateful that the Elders were willing to welcome him.

“It really helped take me out of places that you basically shouldn’t be, a kind of mental state, I guess. I was able to reconnect with my Métis culture and learn about my Cree heritage …. (I) see the tremendous value and opportunity within these land teachings,” he said.

Kerr will be facilitating a virtual forum on Nov. 19 that will bring together Alberta stakeholders, Indigenous education authorities and Indigenous leaders to examine how to deliver land-based education in kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms throughout the province, both on and off-reserve.

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