Amazon Needs This Wireless In-Flight Drone Recharging Tech For Prime Air

Amazon’s drone delivery service delivered its first package on December 7, 2016. Almost four years later, it’s still a “future delivery system.”

What’s missing?

Probably something like wireless in-flight drone recharging from the tiny Portland-based Global Energy Transmission, which has demonstrated fast wireless charging for drones that gives delivery, inspection, or surveillance drones essentially unlimited range.

Charge time? Just six minutes.

“Like with a regular car when you need more gas, you just go to the closest charging station,” Leonid Plekhanov told me on a recent episode of the TechFirst podcast. “Spend a few minutes there to fill in your tank and then you just continue your mission.”

We’re mostly familiar with wireless charging for smartphones. That’s slow, generally using about five watts of output via inductive charging technology.

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