My Style: Rigel Gemini, influencer, music artist, director of analytics and SEO

Rigel Gemini
Gemini is wearing a shoulder piece and choker by Ada Zanditon Couture and a shirt from T by Alexander Wang. Jewelry is by John Hardy and Jan Leslie; handmade Navajo and Zuni turquoise pieces were picked up on a trip to Arizona. Styling by Marissa Motley.

Photograph by Ben Rollins

“My parents are hippies,” says Rigel Cable, better known as Rigel Gemini. “My first name is a star in the constellation Orion.” Born on the first day of Gemini, the data director by day/influencer by night epitomizes cosmic duality in his life and style.

Neighborhood East Atlanta

Breakout moment L.A. Fashion Week. One day, my husband said, You need another hobby that’s not shopping. You’re a good writer. You should blog and share on social. Being invited to be an ambassador for LAFW allowed me to connect with people who were really going after their dreams. It was transformative.


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How much money TikTok, Instagram influencer makes with affiliate links

  • Vi Lai was working full time as a realtor, but that changed when the pandemic upended her career in March.
  • Now, Lai is earning money as a skincare influencer on TikTok and Instagram, where she has hundreds of thousands of followers and posts content about skincare routines and product reviews. 
  • “I would not have survived” without TikTok, Lai said.
  • The skincare industry has seen a surge in social-media content and engagement since the start of the pandemic, as more people spend time at home and spend money on self-care.
  • Lai spoke with Business Insider about how she’s been able to earn over $5,000 per month using affiliate codes and how she’s navigated brand sponsorships. 
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29-year-old Vi Lai was working full time as a realtor in Boston until the pandemic upended her career in March.

“I’m a realtor, I need to socialize for

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UK says Instagram to crack down on hidden influencer ads

LONDON (AP) — British regulators said Friday that Instagram will clamp down on “hidden advertising” by social media influencers.

The Competition and Markets Authority said Instagram’s owner Facebook has committed to tightening policies to restrict influencers who don’t disclose they’re being paid to promote businesses on its platform.

It’s part of an investigation into the influencer industry the watchdog launched two years ago. Regulators are concerned that Instagram wasn’t doing enough under consumer protection laws to stop hidden advertising, which is illegal in the U.K. They want to make it harder to mislead people with posts that aren’t labeled as ads.

Influencers are online personalities with thousands of followers who can earn hefty fees from brands for endorsing or reviewing their products or services.

“These changes mean there will be no excuse for businesses to overlook how their brands are being advertised either – making life a lot harder for

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