CoCounselor Personal Injury Law Software Helps Lawyers Win More Cases

ATLANTA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2020 / CoCounselor, an Atlanta, Georgia-based law software provider, would like to reach out to local law firms who stand to gain much from utilizing the company’s personal injury law software. The software offers lawyers a unique set of tools and functions that they can use to win more cases. It helps lawyers save time and manage their legal teams better, which leaves more time to prepare for a case and thus increases the likelihood of success.

CoCounselor’s full-featured personal injury law software gives lawyers everything they need to focus on winning cases for their clients. With integrated contingency billing, time tracking and invoicing on the go, document and matter management and even calendaring, personal injury attorneys need only worry about coming up with a convincing case while they trust CoCounselor to handle the rest. The software also offers a marketing campaign tracker

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Technology and Brain Injury – Friends or Foes?

When an individual suffers a brain injury, there is often a mad rush by family members to find every possible way to help in the recovery process. Technology is such a huge part of life these days that there are many people that see technology as the wave of the future for treating brain injury deficits – and many therapists would agree with them.

According to, there are over 500 new apps launched each day across the world. With each new app there is a possibility for living differently and learning something new. In the world of rehabilitation, new apps mean new ways for therapists to reach farther into the world of technology to find different ways to help patients that have suffered a brain injury.

When looking for apps that could help with brain injury recovery, it is important to remember a few key points:

  1. What is the
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