What gives you hope? Inspiration from scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators on eve of historic election

Well, here we are: rattled, unsettled and full of anxiety.

Less than 24 hours before a historic U.S. election, we are perched on the edge of a precarious precipice. And we are not alone. A recent SWNS OnePoll just arrived in our inbox showing that 67 percent of Americans want 2020 to be over as soon as possible and that more than half of respondents anticipate election day being the most stressful day of their lives.

There’s no eliminating the anxiety. And there are plenty of excellent tips and coping mechanisms — from The New York Times story “Don’t give into ‘Election Stress Disorder” to Psychology Today’s piece on “How to cope with election stress.”

Here at GeekWire we’ve found another way to deal with what certainly could be several days, or weeks, of negativity. Over the course of the past three weeks at the 2020 GeekWire Summit, we asked

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