A new lawsuit accuses Uber of ‘intentional race discrimination,’ claiming the star-rating system it has used to fire drivers is biased

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  • A former Uber driver has filed a lawsuit accusing the ride-hailing firm of “intentional race discrimination” by using customers’ star ratings to fire drivers.
  • Uber dismissed the driver, Thomas Liu, from San Diego, in 2015 because his star rating fell below 4.6, according to the lawsuit. Liu argues that passengers rated him unfairly because of his race.
  • The lawsuit estimates that the company has fired “likely hundreds, if not thousands” of nonwhite Uber drivers because of its star-rating policy.
  • “Uber’s use of this system to determine driver terminations constitutes race discrimination, as it is widely recognized that customer evaluations of workers are frequently racially biased,” the lawsuit said.
  • Uber told Forbes that “ridesharing has greatly reduced bias for both drivers and riders, who now have fairer, more equitable access to work and transportation than ever before.”
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