Should Job Candidates Use Social Media To Connect With Their Interviewers?

More than ever, jobseekers are looking for any edge to increase their odds of landing a job. In my conversations with jobseekers, a common question is how to use social media. In particular, there is uncertainty about whether candidates should connect with interviewers via social media.

As a candidate, social media can be a mechanism for learning about your interviewer. What they post, repost, or like will tell you about their interests, views, and beliefs. That valuable information keeps you from going into the interview blind. But using social media beyond quietly gathering intel requires a strategy.

The completely risk-free answer to whether you should connect online with an interviewer—is no, you should not. But according to The Empowered Candidate—a book focused on helping jobseekers—when done correctly, using social media to connect with interviewers can give you an advantage. The book provides three factors to inform your

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